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Duc D'Orleans
led 47 nobles to join 3rd estate
President of 3rd Estate; led Tennis Court Oath; 1st Mayor o' Paris
Comte de Mirabeau
Wrote against Lettres de Cachet; leading guy in 3rd Estate
National Guard
Army o' National Assembly
letttres de cachet
letter signed by king, puts anybody in jail w/ no trial.
Marquis de Launay
Governor o' Bastille; nobody listened to his surrender; head on a stick
people thought it was a torture center; symbol o' evil ancien regime. Not a torture center anymore though-- one o' the better prisons in France at the time.
ancien regime
the oppressive, unfair class structure of France before the Revolution
led march on Bastille
Vanquer de la Bastille
one o' 954 people who stormed Bastille; treated as heroes
Estates General meeting
showed how crappy ancien regime was; 3rd estate treated rudely
National Assembly
3rd estate said "we're 96% of the country, so we represent it" & changed their name to show that.
Tennis Court Oath
I will meet until a new constitution is written fo' France