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Revolutionary Tribunal
court set up by the Convention
Committe of Public Safety
set up by the convention to help with war efforts in and out of France
Maximilien Robespierre
guy who was a good speaker, his childhood was terrible, his whole family pretty much died before he was eight. He became the leader of the Jacobin Club, was later elected to the Committe of Public Safety.
Charlotte Corday
a Girondin supporter from Normany who came to Paris and stabbed Marat to death.
Hebert was the editor of an extreme left newspaper called La Pere Duchense, and he was a spokesperson for the extreme left. He wanted tighter price controls, roundup of suspects, and the trial of the Girondins and the Queen.
levee en masse
the entire population of the country was called out to fight for the Revolution. It was really just propaganda by a new member of the Committe of Public Safety, Carnot.
extremists who were trying to exploit problems to create an even more radical program, including fixed prices for goods and being able to take food supplies.
they wanted what they wanted and did whatever they could to get it.
Why did the Convention establish the Committee of Public Safety and the Revolutionary Tribunal?
the tribunal was created because the sans coulottes and the enrages were so radical that they might kill people for no good reason, so this tribunal tried to stop that.

the committe of public safety was created because they were scared of being overrun by foreign powers and having a civil war get totally out of control
Describe the influence of Jean Paul Marat
The Convention didn't like him too much but the people did. He was a good speaker. The Girondins put him on trial in the new Revolutionary Tribunal but he was easily acquitted. He was very extreme.
How did the attacks by the Girorondins against their political enemies backfire?
The Girondins were disliked because they were supporters of Dumouriez, who had defected to Austria and abandoned his troops. Under attack, they attacked back. They put Marat on trial in the Revolutionary Tribunal, but when Marat was acquitted that made them look bad. The next attack of the Girondins was trying to overthrow the Paris Commune-- what was the leadership of Paris. They arrested the leaders of the Paris Commune, and because of that, over 30,000 sans culottes organized by the Insurrectionary Committee demanded that the Girondins were arrested and the Commune members that were arrested were let free. 22 Girondins were arrested.
how was the Revolution beginning to spiral out of control both in the country and out of it?
there were more threats, mobs, people going crazy.

The people in the rest of France were angry that the Insurrectionary Committee was undermining the government. They thought that Paris was being run by Jacobin dicators and Parisian terrorists.
There were civil war problems in Lyon, Marseilles, Brittany, and Vendee in particular; then there were most of the European powers at war against France
Robespierre's rise to power-- how did he become one of the most powerful men in France?
He started out the President of the Jacobin Club. When the Jacobin Club was in danger of disappearing, he kept it up. It was in danger of disappearing because many members left to form the more moderate Feuillant Club in protest against the petition for the King's dethronement. Danton seemed useless as the head of the Committe of Public Safety because he always tried to talk away the problems, which didn't work. He became the head of the Committe of Public Safety and the war outside the country got better. However, in trying to deal with the mobs in Paris, the Convention had to give in to almost all their demands, and that gave Robespierre and the Commmitte of Public Safety a lot of power, including the power to arrest all "suspects" who did not suport the Revolution.
How did the murder of Marat push the revolution in an even more radical direction?
After Marat's death, the enrages got more angry and powerful.
What were some of the radical new measures passed by the Convention?
that 'suspects' could be arrested for not supporting the Revolution; prices would be fixed; Extremists like Herbois and Billaud-Varenne were appointed to the Committe of Public Safety.
What did Danton do?
he tried to call a truce between the Girondins and everyone else, but they wouldn't listen, so he became more extreme. He tried to talk use diplomacy to end the wars abroad and in the country but it didn't work. He was thrown off the Committe of Public Safety. But he still had followers even after that.