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The Great Fear
when the peasants started killing everyone because they thought the armies were coming from out of the country to put down the revolution

Wikipedia: The Great Fear occurred in July and August of 1789 in France at the start of the French Revolution. Rumors spread among the peasantry that nobles had hired brigands to march on villages and destroy the peasants' new harvest. In response, peasants sacked the castles of the nobles and burned documentation recording feudal obligations. This event led to the abolition of serfdom and feudal obligations, and brought up the need for a new class structure.
The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen
a first draft for the new French constitution, written by the Marquis de Lafayette, based on the Declaration of Independence
Marquis de Lafayette
-commander of the National Guard
-writer of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen
-helped America during the Revolutionary War
- he didn't want to go with the 20,000 National Guardsmen to Versailles, but they forced him
market women
they were people who went crazy because there was no bread. Some were men dressed in drag.
How was King Louis received when he addressed the National Assembly?
They were happy because he was starting to give in and he said he'd take the armies out of Paris.
How did this contrast with the mood of the general population?
Everyone else hated it because they were like, hey, no, we need Necker back. They barricaded streets and protested, so the king realized he had to bring Necker back.
Describe the National Assembly's difficulties restoring order among the general population. What contributed to the chaotic situation?
Middle class complained they weren't getting enough changes, and the poor still couldn't afford bread. So people broke into rich people's houses looking for food, authority was taken over by rioters. What contributed to the chaos was the Great Fear.
Why did a large contingent of women march to Versailles demanding that the King return to Paris?
Bread prices too high, they wanted the King under their control in Paris.
Describe the composition and behavior of the group of women who marched to Versailles
people were drunk and crazy, some of them forced other people to come along very rowdy
Describe the behavior of the mob once they arrived at Versailles
they were angry some had muskets, pikes and all kinds of weapons. The king said everyone would get bread so the women left Versailles.
Why did the King agree to return to Paris?
So he would survive.
Do you think it was wise for the king to return to Paris? What would you have done in his place?
Yes because it helped him stay alive.

If it helped me stay alive, I would have done that.