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De Albuquerque was a Portuguese conqueror (asshole) that lied to the Sultan of Malacca saying he came in peace. His fleet set anchor there for weeks before opening fire and taking the city. He captured the city as a trading outpost for the Portuguese.
Alfonso de Albuquerque
An agent of the British East India Company who drove the French from their trading posts using both British troops and sepoys. (And thus help the British start colonizing India.)
Robert Clive
How did the Portuguese gain control of the spice trade?
The Portuguese gained control of the spice trade through conquering small coastal regions of Africa. They set up outposts, and used them to furbish their trade routes from Asia.
Places of trade located on the coast, used mainly for the re-supplying and repairing of European ships.
An army of Indian troops
How were the Portuguese challenged by the Dutch?
The Dutch (mainly wealthy merchants in the Dutch East India Company) also conquered small trading posts along the coastal regions (some of them formerly Portuguese outposts), and set up a similar trade route. However, they also married Asian women and formed closer ties with the local rulers.
Why was it so easy for Spain to conquer the Philippines?
The Filipinos were not one united nation.
Why did Spain want to control the Philippines?
Spain wanted to control the islands because it was allowed them to trade goods from the Americas for goods for Asia, and send the Asian goods back to Spain.
Why did Mughal power decline?
Civil War due to religious intolerance between Hindus and Muslims drained the treasury. Which spawned higher taxes. Which spawned peasant rebellions. Which caused the central government to eventually collapse.
What effect did the decline of Mughal power have on France and Britain?
As with all conquering/colonizing nations, the French and British saw a lot to gain from a weak India. Mainly a rich colony. When War broke out between France and Britain in Europe, it also broke out over India. (And in the Americas. First real world war. Fought on 3 continents.)
How did the Europeans build on existing trade networks in the Indian Ocean?
All of the Europeans worked within established trade routes; however, they conquered those who were weaker than them, allowing them to take over various routes.