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Czar and Czarina of Russia before the revolution
Nicholas and Alexandra
advisor to Alexandra, who was assasinated for gaining too much sway over the govt
Gregory Rasputin
radical socialist group who took over the Russian govt
a Marxist revolutionary, Lenin's right hand man
Leon Trotsky
name given to the Communist army during the Russian Civil War
Red Army
name of the counter revolutionaries who remained loyal to the czar
secret police force in the Red Army
the working class
council of workers and soldiers
Communist party officials assigned to the army to teach party principles and ensure party loyalty
Backward nation, poverty, growing middle classes with industrialization, corrupt bureaucracy, bad courts, failures in the world war were the causes of what?
The March Revolution
How did Lenin adapt Marx to conditions in Russia?
He created a dctatorship of the proletariat
Why were the Bolsheviks able to seize power in November 1917?
the army was decimated from defeats in the war, so no one could stop them
Describe the opposing forces in the Russian civil war.
loyalists and regional national groups vs. the Communists (aka Bolsheviks, Reds).
Did Lenin favor or oppose war communism?
Lenin favored it.
When Russians realized that the Bolsheviks were merely the newest tyrants ruling over them, this deception was the main cause of?
The Civil War
Because Russia did not have an urban proletariat, Lenin thought this would lead the Russian revolution.
dictatorship of the proletariat
Bolshevik means
The policy of taking over banks, mines, factories, and railroads, and having peasants deliver surplus food to cities and be drafted into factories and the military is know as
War Communism
How did he defend this position?
he thought that circumstances were so inhumane that he was allowed to be just as inhumane to fight against them.
About War Communism, who thought that circumstances were so inhumane that he was allowed to be just as inhumane to fight against them?
Do you agree or disagree with War Communism?
Agree: Russia was so F@!#%ed that anything that would make it stable again would be worth the price.

Disagree: things could have gotten better with gradual reform and no violence
What caused the people and national resources of Russia to be ruined, and the country was extremely unstable politically and economically?
The Civil War