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What happened as a result of the Russian civil war?
Lenin created the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. (USSR)
Which was between and US and Russia lasted from 1945 until 1991?
the Cold War
Peter the Great changed Russia by
bringing in Western European ideas and cultures
As a result of the mass killing known as Bloody Sunday, Czar Nicholas II agreed to establish
the Duma, a Russian congress
What form of government did Lenin bring to Russia?
Although Slavs share the same customs, they have different
languages and religions
The largest ethnic group in Russia is the
After the breakup of the Soviet Union, some non-Russian ethnic groups wanted to form
their own separate countries
What was a chief cause of the war in Bosnia-Herzagovina?
No one ethnic group wanted to live in a country ruled by people from another group.
Many people in Ukraine suffered serious health problems because of
the nuclear accident at Chernobyl.
Two important Polish traditions are
Polish Catholicism and the Polish language
Serbians, Croatians, and Bosnians have different
Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina used to be a part of
Why was Ukraine forced to become part of the Soviet Union?
The Soviet's wanted to control the area's natural resources.
Throughout its history, Ukraine's location and natural resources have attracted
A Russian emperor is called a
An ________________ is someone who spends money to help a new business get started.
What are the 3 themes that appear consistently in Russia's history?
1. Expansion

2. harsh treatment of common people

3. slow westernization
Under communism, the government only liked art that
supported communism
What happened when Czechoslovakia divided in 1993?
Two new countries were peacefully formed.