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What factors allowed some European countries to survive and prosper?
-the Industrial Revolution
-stable governments
-make & sell a variety of products
-ability to get & use resources
-physical features serve as a natural protection
What are the major landforms of Europe?
-Northwest Highlands
-Alpine Mountains
-Central Uplands
-Northern European Plain
What countries make up the United Kingdom?
Northern Ireland
How did the Chunnel get its name? What are some of its benefits?
It is a Tunnel under the English Channel.
-improved transportation
-easy travel
-increased trade
What city is located on the River Seine? What famous landmarks would you find in that city?
Paris, France
Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, the Louvre
What small country is located within France and is famous for its casinos and the Grimaldi dynasty?
What area in Germany is shrinking and why?
The Black Forest

Acid Rain
Which countries are the Low Countries or the Benelux countries?
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

**All below sea level**
What are lowland areas that are drained of water and that are associated with the Netherlands?
What are narrow, deep inlets of sea between high, rocky cliffs called?
What country is considered uninhabitable due to its climate of ice cap and tundra?
Greenland, intentially misnamed by the Vikings
Which countries make up Scandanavia?
Norway, Denmark, Sweden

Sometimes, they include Finland and Iceland.
What are geysers and where in Europe are they found?
The are hot springs that shoot water & steam into the air. They are a source of geothermal energy found in Iceland.
When were the middle ages?
500-1500 AD
What countries were colonial era European powers?
Spain, England, France and Portugal
Tell me some examples of how Europe's borders have changed throughout time
-the pre-WW1 struggle over Alsace-Lorraine
-the partitioning of Germany into East & West after WW2
-expansion and fall of communism
-ethnic conflict in Yugoslavia
Why did many Irish decide to emigrate to the US in the 1800s?
the potato famine-starvation, disease, death, loss of jobs and homes.
How has the Suez Canal benefited the British empire since 1869?
--shorter route to India
-increase in trade
-saved travel time and money
What government existed in East and West Germany after WW2?

What is NATO? What is their goal?

**Sweden & Switzerland are neutral**
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
-common defense of Western Europe from communism
Why is Europe ideally suited for trade?
-long coasts bordering the sea
-naviable rivers-connected by canals & ice free harbors
What are some major European industries?
-chemical and textile industries
-variety of food products
Why is Europe successful in agriculture?
-they grow a variety of products
-rich soil & modern farming techniques
-commercial farming
What is the EU and what are its goals?
European Union
-common currency
-free flow of goods & people
What are the 3 main languages of Europe?
What does multilingual mean?
able to speak 3 or more languages
What are the names of the 2 groups fighting in Northern Ireland?
Catholics and Protestants
Why do the Basques want to separate from Spain?
-cultural is totally different
-near the Pyrennees
-independence is the solution
Why has their been much fighting on the Balkan Peninsula?
-ethnic cleasing
-religious conflict between Muslims & Christians
-a harsh ruler, Slobodan Milosevic
What challenges do Americans share with the Europeans?
-acid rain
-traffic congestion
-limited energy resources
What are some characteristics of Europe's population?
-one of the world's most densely populated areas.
-good education=low population growth rate
-low % of the population <15
-High life expectancy
-low infant mortality
Capital of Italy
Famous structures in Italy
-Roman Colosseum
-Leaning Tower of Pisa
-St. Peter's Basilica
Capital of Greece
Famous structures in Greece
Capital of England
Famous structure of England
-Big Ben
-Westminster Abbey
-Tower of London
Famous structure of the Netherlans
Capital of Spain
Capital of Germany
Capital of Poland