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(President of 2nd Republic, Emperor of Second Empire, Ousted in Franco-Prussian War)
As president of the Second Republic, he used liberal and nationalistic forces to bolster his power. He became popular by supporting universal male suffrage, and was voted emperor of France in 1852. He took great interest in public opinion. He improved the economy and reconstructed Paris. The Franco-Prussian war resulted in Napoleon’s capture and the collapse of the Second French Empire.
Napoleon III
Louis Napoleon became Napoleon III, Emperor of the French by a plebiscite in 1852. The Second Republic became the Second Empire. The French created an Authoritarian State (albeit a well run one). Through universal male suffrage. (idiots).
Second Empire (France
Government for France imposed by Bismarck after the disastrous defeat in the Franco-Prussian War.
France goes through it’s most divisive era. Right and Left are duking it out hard
Third Republic 1870 +
Centerpiece of Napoleon’s improvement of France. Created a “modern” city with a new public water supply, and gaslights. The street design made it easier for troops to move rapidly through the city in the event of revolts
Paris (rebuilt by Napoleon III)
- the “politics of reality”, of which Bismarck, the “ultimate realist”, was the foremost 19th century practitioner.
Mr Adams’ Real world definition: People tend to use this concept to justify whatever they wish to do when you disagree with them.
- War between Prussia and France that 1) ended the Second French Empire and 2) created the German Empire. Bismarck’s manipulated France into this war with the Ems Dispatch. France was forced to give up the provinces of Alsace and Lorraine. The bitterness over this defeat will have a big impact on France, and the euphoria of victory will have a big impact on Germany.
Franco-Prussian War (1870-71)
-the war fought over the Eastern Question, between the Ottoman Empire, Britain, and France vs. Russia. It was poorly fought and was costly to both sides. (According to your text book) It resulted in the demise of the Concert of Europe by weakening Russia and turning it against Austria (who didn’t support Russia despite Russia’s bailing out Austria in 1848). Uh oh, looks like the harmony is over. France hates Germany, Russia hates Austria, etc. this is going to get ugly (WWI).
Crimean War- 1854 – 1856