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Article 7 of Treaty on European Community
names bodies: EP, Council, Communities, ECJ, court of appeals
Consulting organizations
and Agencies
where does the democratic quality of the EU rest?
1 - council of the EU (where member states and its governments are rep); and
2 - EP, directly elected by the citizens
who controls the council?
national parliaments and the EP
who has responsibility for the investiture procedure of the Commision?
member states and EP
when did the Assembly become the European Parliament?
Single European Act 1987
which areas are EP powers limited?
Common Foreign and Security Policy, Justice and Home Affairs, Common agricultural policy, trade policy (all expensive)
what are the four functions of a traditional parliament?
1 - legislative
2 - choice of executive
3 - control function towards government
4 - information and educational function of citizens
How is the EP different from National parliaments?
no differentiation between legislative and executive functions, so there is no european government which has to rely on a parliamentary majority
what changed the legislative function of the EP?
SEA and Maastricht treaty
Article 251
co-decision right
what gave EP more rights in recent treaties?
the expansion of the co-decision right to other areas
what are the four practical functions of the EP?
1 - policy formation
2 - electoral or investiture function
3 - creative function
4 - interactive function
How many MEP are there?
right now, 732;
after the accession of Bulgaria and Romania: 700
what does the number of parliamentarians reflect?
NOT number of inhabitants of the member states; political agreement
what happened in 1999?
banning of the creation of a fraction of MEPs from only one country
how many members must be in a fraction of the EP?
at least 19 members from 5 different states
Article 190 TEC (introducted in Amsterdam Treaty
raised number of MEPs to 700 at most
which fraction in the EP holds more seats?
Conservatives (then the Social democrats)
main rights of the EP?
consultation, control, codecision and investiture
what is the EP entitled to talk about?
every question concerning the EC/EU
what are the four procedures of the EP?
1 - consultation procedure
2 - procedure of cooperation
3 - codecision procedure
4 - assent procedure
when was the procedure of cooperation introduced?
SEA (1987)
when was the codecision procedure developed?
Amsterdam Treaty (1997)
when was the codecision procedure introduced?
Maastricht Treaty (1992)
does the EP have any formal right to initiate legislation?
NO --exception: rules governming duties of MEPs and possible approval of a unified electoral system for electing its own members
what is the bureau of the EP?
comprises of the EP president and 14 vice presidents and 5 "advisory" quaestors
what does the bureau of the EP do?
makes important budgetary, procedural and personnel decisions
what is the Conference of the Presidents?
president of the EP and the heads of political fractions
what does the Conference of Presidents do?
seating arrangements in the chamber, arrange EPs work programme and authorise the drawing up of own initiative reports; also right to propose dismissal of EP president, chairman of a committee or other elected officials
how many plenery meetings each year?
where are plenary meetings held?
where are mini-plenaries held? how many per year?
Brussels, 6 times a year
what do committees do for the EP?
provide policy expertise (report on legislation) and discuss report; then pass to plenary for final vote
how is the EP important?
decides how Union will spend its money; can amend and block the Union's budget proposal
what is the central decision-making body in the EC?
Council of the EU
what is the main function of the Council?
the representation of the interests of the states
what is one main difference between the council and the other institutions?
The Council has a lot of secrecy
what is the council composed of?
national ministers (or their representatives) meeting in the composition of different sectoral councils
what are the two important councils?
General Affairs Council; ECOFIN Council composed of national economics and finance ministers
how many configurations of the council are there?
9 configurations
what are the four main tasks of the council?
1 - legislative body; usually in co-decision with the EP
2 - coordinates the general economic policies of the member states
3 - concludes international agreements between EC and other states
4 - budgetary authority adopting ECs budget
How does the Council vote?
usually QMV, but if sensitive by unanimity
how many votes does each country have in the Council?
there is a weighted system recognizing its relative size
what is the threshold required for a qualified majority in the Council?
71% until it expands to 27 members, then 74.8%
how many total votes in the Council?
how often does the President of the Council change?
every six months
what are the functions of the President of the Council?
Administrative Function;
Initiative Function
Coordination function
Broker function
Representative function
What does the General Secretariat do?
prepares the Council's work and ensures it runs smoothly
who is the General Secretariat headed by?
Secretary-General, High Representative for the COmmon Foreign Security Policy Javier Solana
who prepares the decisions of the Council? how often do they meet?
COREPER (Permanent Representatives Committee); meets weekly
Is the European Council a body of the Community?
no, in reality it is a body of the EU
where was the European Council founded?
Paris Summit 1974; formally in the SEA (1987)
how often does the European Council meet?
twice a year
what is principle role of European Council?
provide EU with necessary impetus for development and define general political guidelines
what is the European Commission? What is their main task?
supranational body par excellence;
to initiate legislation
what is the composition of the Commission and where does it state it? how long is the term?
Article 213 TEC; 25 commissioners one of each member state; term = 5 years
what does the Commission president do and how is he elected?
elected by QMV of the Council;
say in distribution of the portfolios within Commission (approved by EP)
what does it mean to be a collegial body? which body is collegial?
Commission is collegial, which means no decisions by single commissioners but only as a whole commission
how are decisions taken in the Commission?
simple majority = 13 votes
what does the Commission consist of beyond the commissioners?
36 directorates-general and specialized services, headed by director-general;
each commissioner has own cabinet which act as connection between DGs and Commissioner
what are the functions of the commission?
1 - exclusive right to initiate legislation
2 - formulate recommendations and deliver opinions to advance integration
3 - controls primary and secondary community law
4 - exercises the powers conferred on it by the council
5 - administer the budget