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decisions taken at lowest feasible level
Javiar Solana
High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and the Secretary-General of both the Council of the European Union (EU) and the Western European Union (WEU)
Jose Manuel Barroso
Portuguese politician and the 11th President of the European Commission; former Prime Minister of Portugal
Single European Act 1986
first major revision of the Treaty of Rome that formally established the single European market and the European Political Cooperation
European Community
three treaty organizations that were consolidated in 1967 to form the European Community; established the first of the three pillars of the eventual EU; ECSC+EEC+Euratom=European Community (EC)
offical currency of the Eurozone; all EU member countries are eligible to apply; managed by the European Central Bank
European Commission
executive branch of the European Union. It is a cabinet government of 27 "Commissioners" led by a Commission President; Both policy making and administrative executive
Council of Ministers
one of the two legislative institutions of the European Union; composed of 27 national ministers (one per state), the exact minister depending upon the area being addressed
European Council
meets twice a year; compose of the heads of state of each member country; no defined power, but meets to set a general direction and a policy agenda
European Parliament
732 directly elected deputies organized by political parties; approves Commission,questions Commission; consulted on Commission decisions, approve budget; power to amend, ratify areas of legislation; cannot draft bills
Maastricht Treaty on European Union
led to the renaming of the European Community to the EU; Single Currency; European Central Bank; single Monetary System
and further “homogenization;” European citizenship, labor
Common Market (EEC)
set up by the Treaty of Rome; official name European Economic Community (EEC); cut 10% of their tariffs with each other ever year; important in becoming one unified economy
Treaty of Rome 1957
created the common market between Italy, France, West Germany, and Benelux; reduced tariffs between the nations
An administrative official at the headquarters of the European Union
European Court of Justice
15 judges; nations are bound to abide by its rulings
Acquis communautaire
80,000 page compilation of rules and regulations that encompasses all of the EU law accumulated thus far
European Constitution
drafting began in 2003 to remedy defects to make EU's institutions more powerful; changes include an elected Council President who served for 4 years and changed in the Qualified majority voting in the European Parliament; one European foreign minister would who speak for the EU on the whole; rejections by France and Netherlands have left the constitution in limbo
agreement among European states which allows for the abolition of systematic border controls between the participating countries; external border controls and cross-border police cooperation
Jean Monnet
since as the co-creator of the Common Market; influenced by working in the United States and seeing how the countries vast resources could be transported across country without tariffs; conceived of the idea of the European Coal and Steel Community
Robert Schuman
seen as one of the founders of the EU; pushed strongly for the ECSC which was created by Monnet