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Ce livre est à moi
This is my book.
À qui est cet argent ?
Whose money is this?
C'est à Paul
It's Paul's.
ça y est
that's it, it's done
c'est ça
that's it, that's right
c'est / on est / nous sommes + date
it's (date)
en être
to take part in
est-ce (que)
no literal translation
être de
to be at/in (figuratively)
être en train de + infinitive
to be (in the process of) + present participle
n'est-ce pas
right? isn't that so?
so be it, that is
soit… soit…
either… or …
Il est à souhaiter
It's to be hoped
Il est bizarre
It's odd
Il est bon
It's good
Il est certain
It's certain
Il est clair
It's clear/obvious
Il est convenable
It's proper/fitting
Il est difficile
It's difficult
Il est dommage
It's too bad
Il est douteux
It's doubtful
Il est essentiel
It's essential
Il est étonnant
It's amazing
Il est étrange
It's strange
Il est évident
It's obvious
Il est facile
It's easy
Il est faux
It's false
Il est heureux
It's fortunate
Il est honteux
It's shameful
Il est important
It's important
Il est impossible
It's impossible
Il est improbable
It's improbable
Il est indispensible
It's essential
Il est injuste
It's unfair
Il est inutile
It's useless
Il est juste
It's right/fair
Il est naturel
It's natural
Il est nécessaire
It's necessary
Il est normal
It's normal
Il est obligatoire
It's necessary
Il est peu probable
It's not likely
Il est possible
It's possible
Il est probable
It's probable
Il est rare
It's rare
Il est regrettable
It's regrettable
Il est sûr
It's sure/certain
Il est surprenant
It's surprising
Il est temps
It's time
Il est triste
It's sad
Il est urgent
It's urgent
Il est utile
It's useful
Il est vrai
It's true