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Pace vs. Alabama
-tony pace a black man attempted to marry a white woman
-SUPREME court ruled anti-miscegenation laws were OK
- ruling overturned in LOVING v VIRGINIA
Perez vs. Sharp
-Amanda Perez tried to obtain marrage liscense
-supreme court of CA ruled that bans on interracial marriage violated the 14th amendment
-preceded to LOVING vs Virginia
Loving vs. VIrginia
-SUPREME court case declared racial purtiy act unconstitutional. Overturned PACE vs. Alabama
-ended all race based legal restrictions on marriage
-anti-micegenation was illegal
Brown vs Board of Education
US SUPREME court declaring seperation of blacks and whites were unequal
-overturned PLESSY vs. FERGUSON
Plessy vs Ferguson
-He boarded railcar for whites
-got arrested and argue it violated 13th and 14th amendment
-US SUPREME court ruled 14th amendment applies to government and not private entities
-he pleaded guilty and paid fine
Mendez vs Westminster
-FEDERAL Court case
-challenged mexican segregation in CA schools
-Ruled segregation was ILLEGAL in CA
Independant school district vs. Salvatierra
LOCAL court
-sued school bc of mexican segregation
-school sed students were divided b/c they need to learn english
-court rule IN FAVOR of district and allowed segregation
Lemon Grove Incident
-created a school for Mexicans
-parents refused to send them to school
-court ruled IN FAVOR of mexicans
-contradicts INDP vs. SALVATIERRA
US. vs Bhagat Signh
-signh was native of india
-he could not become citizen
-argue anthro. classified indians as cauasian
SUPREME court ruled being caucasian is not being white
US vs. Ozawa
-considered himself white bc of his white skin
-supreme court said being white does not mean being caucasian
-contradicts US. vs BhAgaht singh
compromise of 1850
-series of laws to resolve territorial and slavery controversites
-CA became free state
-slave trade abolished
-New mexico and utah became territory under popular soveirgnty
-fugitve slave law
People vs. De la Guerra
-charged him for illegally acting as us citizen
-could not become naturalized bc mexicans were considered indians
-he argued that he was white