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Sources of legal responsibilities
sources of law:
CA state law
business and professional codes
1. statutes
2. general negligence laws
3. CA admisitrative laws lawas--judge made, legal interpertations general opinions
6.licensing board regualtions
7. customs in industry-relates to negligence law
federal lawas--Hippa
Judge made law
legal interpertation
decorm in gipstein's classroom
Sources of ethics
--professional codes
--custom in industry
Failure to follow laws
1. lose license-scope of competence=education, training, experience
2.fines and incarceration
3. civil suits (i.e.-sex with client, violate confidentiality=failure to meet standard of care
4. criminal prosecution
failure to follow ethical standards
1. kicked out of professional org
2. proffesional org likely to report you to licensing board
scope of practice-MFT
only to better marriage and family adjustment. No sports psychology or nutrition
scope of practice psychologist
unlimited to relationship
scope of practice