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The study of good and bad behavior
social responsibility of business
concern by business about bot its profit seeking and non profit seeking activities.
guidelines for people in the company. ex is spirit and the letter, metlife compliance guide, white collar crime sentencing guideline.
how to decide the jail term
crime*culpability score=punishment
culpability score
how much the company worked to not get into this crime.
consequential ethical thought
act and rule utilitarianism
deontological ethical thought
duty based "golden rule"
good and bad based on what they contribute to inherent human capabilities (wisdom, justice, and temperance)
theological (faith, hope and charity) and intellectual (wisdom, justice, and temperance)
enlightened pursuit of self interest
codes of ethics
individual, industry, and professional
theories of responsibility
profit oriented, managerial, institutional, professional, regulation, stakeholder, and social.
institutuional theory
public responsibility
social contract
locke/hobbes the hanshake, but it doesnt work
managerial theory
other things need to be considered. ie buyers, community, etc