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Natural Law general definition
-rule inherent in human nature essential to or binding upon human society
-inherent sense of right or wrong
Natural Law - Aquinas
Humans are by nature rational beings and it is morally appropriate that they should behave in a way that conforms to their rational nature
-moral law from the nature of human beings
-imperative to do good and avoid evil
-morality is part of the natural order of things
Stoic Natural Law
God in nature
-we desire virtue and aversion to vice
-instinct for self preservation
Christianity Natural Law
God is creator and independent
-we can determine right or wrong
Natural Law Aquinas 2
Highest objective(supernatural happiness) good - God
-Subjective good - humans (natural happiness)
-we need virtue (habits for good) for well-being and happiness
-NL is the participation of eternal law in rational beings
-it is by virtue of natural law that we discern bet. good and evil, act rightly in our relations to others and things
Natural Law problems
What is and not in accordance with nature?
Found in nature, so practice? Is and ought.
What counts as natural?
Social Contract three authors
Hobbes, Locke, Rosseau
Social Contract definition
Agreement between individuals w/in a society to work together for the benefit of all, often involving the sacrifice of some pesonal freedoms
Social contract results in ...
Organization of society
Social contract definition by Socrates
Stay and abide by laws
Social contract by Plato
Social contract is source of justice
Social contract by Hobbes
Men are self-interested and rational and will choose to submit to authority in order to live in a civil society w/c is conducive to self-interest
Social contract by Locke
Protection of property
-w/ nature of morality
Social Contract by Rosseau
Naturalized and normative SC Theory
-"property"-fall from grace of state and nature
naturalized social contract
protect property for equality and protection
-SC claims to be in interest of everyone equally but is really to protect few strong and rich
-suffers from conflict and competition
Normative Social Contract
Remedy the ills produced by development of society
-how we ought to live by submitting individual will to collective and general (towards common goal) will thru agreements