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Define Moral Agent
Anyone who moral rules apply to. -able to deliberation rationally about the future/actions
-anyone that we can claim that can do the right thing
Define the Right/Obligatory:
These are any and all actions that one morally must preform, and if one does not preform these actions, then one is morally wrong.
-moral duties
-ought or should do
Define the Wrong
Action that one must NOT preform, and if one does fail to fulfill his or her moral duty.
Define The Good
Things whoes existence or occurrence by itself makes the universe better
Define The Bad
Things whose existence or occurrence by itself makes the universe worse
Define The Supererogatory
Actions that you ought or is moreally best to do but are not obligated to perform.
Define The Normative Reasons
Consideration that morally count in favor of an action, but do not guarantee that the action is right or supererogatory.
Define The Blameworthy
Actiosn that make on subject to moral blame, but it needn't be morally wrong.
Define the Praiseworthy
Actiosn that make one subejct to moral praise.
Define A Moral/Human Right
being a moral right to a certain kind of treatment if and only if others are generally obligated to treat that individual that way even if treating them that way does not have the best consequences
Define Actions subject to Force, Saction or Prior Restraint
actions we(or a government) are morally premitted to actively prevent or discourage
Define Ethical Theories
it tells us which types of actions are right and wrong
Define Teleological Theories
it focuses on consequences. A theory is teleological if and only if the rightness or the wrongness of actions always depends in some way on the effects of the action.
-ethical egoism
Define Deontological Theories
focus on aspects other than the consequences. It may focus on the motive of action, type of action, or whether the actions was commanded by God.
-Ethical Subjectivism
-Divine Command Theory
-Agent-Relative Cultural Relativism
-Any Ten Commandment type view
Define Hybrid View
have a mix of teleological and Deontological theories.
- an action is right if and only if it maximizes pleasure over pain and does not violate anyone's moral rights
- an action is right if it follows a set of social rules and if this set would maximize happiness better than anyother set.