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What is the ethical principle that goes along with the value of s_r_v_c
Social workers primary goal is to help people in need and to address social problems
what is the ethical principal that goes along with the value of social j_s_i_c
Social workers challenge social injustice
what is the ethical principle thtat goes alone with dignity and w_r_ of the person?
Social workers respect the inherent dignity and worth of the person. Social workers treat each person in a caring and respectful fashion, mindful of individual differences and cultrual and ethnic diversity. Social workers promote client' socially responsible self-determination. Social workers seek to enhance clients' capacity and opportunity to change and to address their own needs.
what is the ethical principle that goes along with the importance of hum_ relation_
social workers understand that realtionships between and among people are an important vehicle for change. social workers engage people as partners in the helping process. social workers seek to strengthen relationships among people in a purposeful effort to promote, restore, maintain, and enhance the well-being of
what is the ethical principle that goes along with the value of integrity
social workers behave in a trustworthy manner
what is the ethic that goes along with the value of competence
social workers practice within their areas of competence and develop and enahnce their professional expertise
what are the ethical standards as described in the code of ethics? (there are six)
1. Social workers ethical responsibilities to clients 2.Social Workers Ethical Responsibilities to Colleagues 3.Social Workers Ethical Responsibilities in Practice Settings
4.Social Workers Ethical Responsibilites as Professionals
5. Social Workers Ethical Responsibilities to the Social Work Profession
6. Social Workers Ethical Responsibilites to the Broader Society