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What information is provided IFF systems?
Friendly Identification
Type of Aircraft
Side Number
Aircraft Altitude
What are the 3 basic steps in the IFF identification process?
IFF interrogator sends coded challenge in form of pulse pairs? True or False
A ship may have one or more interrogator and/or transpoder set? True or False
False. A ship may have one or more interrogator sets, but only one transponder set.
What is AIMS an acronym for?
Air traffic control radar beacon system (ATCRBS), identification friend or foe (IFF), Mark XII system.
The AIMS system includes equipment such as interrogators, transponders, decoders, interrogator side lobe suppression (ISLS) switches and drivers, defruiters, and crypt computers. True or False?
The AIMS Mark XII system can challenge in what 5 different modes?
Modes 1, 2, 3/A, 4, and C.
Selective Identification Feature(SIF)Modes are used in what three modes of operation?
Modes 1, 2, and 3/A.
What type pulse is transmitted by pilotless aircraft containing a transponder?
What modes of operation are set at the control box C-6280?
Mode 1 and 3/A.
What is mode 4 of operation used for?
Which modes of operation are for military use only?
Modes 1, 2, and 4.
Which mode is used by civilian and military aircraft to indicate altitude?
Mode C.
Is mode 3/A available for military and civilian use?
What four mode 3/A code blocks are assigned to the DOD for use within U.S. national air space?
50XX, 54XX, 61XX, and 64XX.
Mode 3/A military emergency replies consist of a combination of 4X and 7700 codes. True or False?
Civilian Emergency replies using what code?
A 7600 reply code is used by whom and for what purpose?
Military and Civilian, indicates a failure in radio communications.
What happens when any transponder sending replies in mode 3/A with codes of 7500, 7600, 7700, and 7777?
Triggers an alarm at nearby FAA towers.
A 7700 reply code is assigned to interceptors on active air defense missions. True or False?
False. Reply code 7777.
Which of the following are not parts of the Interrogator Section?

MX-8758 AN/FPS-63
AN/UPA-61 SG-841
What is the function of the pulse generator in the IFF system?
Provide pretriggers and initiate challenges for the enabled modes.
The computer, KIR-1A/TSEC encodes mode 4 challenges for transmission by the interrogator and decodes received mode 4 transponder replies. What is the code changer key used to insert mode 4 code into the computer?
What is the purpose of the video decoder?
Provide control signals that the interrogator uses to display challenges in various modes. It also decodes and processes reply video output to the indicator.
What is the most common configuration of the Video Decoder, AN/UPA-59?
Video Decoder, Intra-target data indicator, and an alarm monitor.
What is "ring-around" on a display?
Targets at close range reply to side and back lobes as well as main antenna beam appearing for nearly 360 degrees close to the origin.
How is "ring-around" prevented?
Interrogator Side Lobe Suppression (ISLS). It inhibits transponder replies to side lobes.
The Antenna Pedestal Group, AN/UPA-57 can operate in any of what 3 modes?
Slave, self-synchronous, and manually.
Match the correct Direct Altitude and Identity Readout (DAIR) system configurations.

(1)AATC (A)Type 5
(2)CATCC (B)Type 10
(3)DAIR (C)Type 8
(4)RATCF (D)Type 12
Shipboard Dair (E)Type 13
Type 5, Dair
Type 10, RATCF
Type 8, CATCC
Type 12, AATC
Type 13, Shipboard DAIR
Carrier Air Traffic Control Center (CATCC) DAIR (AN/TPX-42A(V)8 is designed for use onboard amphibious ships. True or False?
False. Designed for air trafafic control onboard aircraft carriers.
Which DAIR configuration is used for ground-approach at shore installation?
Radar Air Traffic Control Facility (RATCF) DAIR (AN/TPX-42a(V)10 interfaces with FAA enroute centers. True or False?
Which DAIR system is designed for use onboard amphibious ships?
Amphibious Air Traffic Control (AATC) DAIR (AN/TPX-42A(V)12.
Match NECs to DAIR systems.

DAIR 1576
CATCC 1578
RATCF 1574
AATC 1576 + 2 weeks
difference train.
AATC-1576 + 2 weeks diff train
What is the computer-centered control system the coordinates the collection of data from various sources?
Naval Tactical Data Systems (NTDS)
NTDS accepts data from ship's sensors such as radar, sonar, navigation inputs, and from external sources via communication links.True or false?
All ships with NTDS have a Ships Operational Readiness Manual (SORM). True or False
False. Combat Systems Technical Operations Manual (CSTOM).
What does Volume 3 of the CSTOM contain?
Combat Systems Readiness
What Volume contains Combat Systems Description?
Volume 1
What does Volume 2 of the CSTOM contain?
Operational Sequences
What volume contain Capabiities and Limitations?
Volume 4