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The I/O processor controls what transfers?
The transfer of information between main memory and the external equipment.
Changes to input and output control and data signal voltages are functions of what device?
IOA (Input/output Adapter)
What is the function of any I/O operation?
To exchange information between equipment.
What represents alphabetic and numeric information exchanged with computers?
Data Words
What specifies an action to be accomplished by an external equipment?
Control words
The actual execution of chaining instructions is independent of the CPU?
True of false
What does DMA stand for?
Direct Memory Access
The main advantage of direct memory access is which of the following?
When the CPU and the DMA attempt to access main memory simultaneously, the CPU has priority.
False, the DMA will have priority.
The technique used when more than one peripheral device is connected to a single port/channel is known by which of the following terms?
Daisy chaining