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Who is Tom Delay?
He is the Repulican House majority leader from Texas.
What is the controversy about?
Accusations that he may have accepted trips and other things paid by other people.
Who would have paid for these trips?
mostly lobbyists.
Why is accepting these gifts/trips a bad thing?
It goes against House rules and House ethical rules.
Who decides what will happen to Tom Delay?
10 member ethical commitee, 5 democrat, 5 republican.
Are they taking action now?
No, they have not formally addressed the situation.
Who is the new Pope?
Pope Benedict XVI
Where is he from?
Traunstein, Germany
What is his real name?
Joseph Ratzinger
What pontiff number is he?
He is the 265th pontiff
Does everyone like him?
No, some think he is too conservative
What is his nickname?
"Cardinal No"
Why does he have this nickname?
Because he was so opposed to and said no to many
How old is he?
What did he do that upset the Soviet Union?
Called them and their satellites "a shame of our time"
What happened in 1941?
He was forced to join the Nazi army
What is the most looked at 'best seller' list?
New York Times
What is the number 1 non-fiction best seller?
The World is Flat
Who wrote it?
Thomas L. Friedman
What is the number two?
Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
What is the number three?
My Life So Far by Jane Fonda
What is the number four?
Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
What is the number five?
One Soldier's Story by Bob Dole
What is the number six?
On Bull---- by Harry G. Frankfurt
What is the number seven?
Baby Laughs by Jenny McCarthy
What is the number eight?
Under and Alone by William Queen
What is the number 9 book?
A Deficit of Deficiency by Zell Miller
What is the number 10 book?
What is the number 11 book?
What is the number 12 book?
What is the number 13 book?
GOD'S POLITICS, by Jim Wallis
What is the number 14 book?
AMERICA (THE BOOK), by Jon Stewart
What is the number 15 book?
How many different book lists are there?
What are they?
hardcover/paperback fiction, nonfiction, advice, and also children's books
How long has the Da Vinci Code been on the best seller list?
Over 2 years
What is a filibuster?
When someone gets up in front of congress and talks for as long as they can to try to get a bill passed/ignored
What is the situation going on now?
A man in congress wants to end the tradition of the filibuster
Who wants to end it?
Mr. Bill Frist
Who is Bill Frist?
the Republican Leader in the senate
Why does he want to end it?
to overcome Democratic opposition
What does overcoming Democratic opposition mean?
the democrats want to stop Bush from electing Christian judges into the federal court
Does he want all filibusters banned?
No, just those for judicial nominees
What do the democrats say?
they think that he is 'blurring the line' between religion and politics
What will they do?
Close congress by not passing legislative bills if the republicans accept the banning of filibusters
Do the democrats have something against the judges' faith?
No, they claim that they are against their rulings, not their faith
When did censorhip begin?
the 1920s
Who wants to put new censorship out?
the Republicans in congress
What do they want to censor?
TV and the internet
What caught their attention to start censoring more?
the 2003 superbowl situation with Janet Jackson
Do people care?
yes people care, but there seems to be little opposition