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What are the Origins of VMware?
Stanford Univ, now a subs of EMC, 1988
Traditional x86 architecture vs Virtualization?
x86- one server one OS, low CPU Utilization

Virtualization- higher cpu utilization, isoloation of each VM
Key Bnefits of a VM?
-H/W Independence
What are the VMware Platfforms?
-VMware Server (GSX)
-ESX Server
How many VMs do GSX and ESX support?
-GSX, 64
-ESX, 80
Compare the Server Products?
Hosted on Windows/Linux
Max H/W compatibility
Up to 3.6GB RAM per VM
Runs natively
SMP support
VMotion Support
Dynamic Resource Allocate
Whats in a VM?
-CPU, 1-2
-SCSI Adpt, 1-4 (1-15devices)
-Eth Adpt, 1-4
-CD-ROM, up to 2
-Floppy, 1-2
-Parallel, 1-4
-Serial/Com, 1-4
Differences of Virtual and Physical Machines?
-VMs can use ISOs and FLPs
-VMs can only see virtual devices, unsupported can not be seen
ESX Server H/W Minimums?
-2 Processors
-700mhz Xeon or AMD Opteron
-900mhz or AMD Opteron (forSMP)
-512 MB RAM
-2 Eth Adpt
ESX H/W Maximums?
-16 Processors
-16 HBAs
-128 VMFS Vols
-64 GB RAM
-8 GB Eth Adpt
-16 10/100 Eth Adpt
Supported Guests?
Service Console main parts?
-Boot Partition
-Mgmt Web Server
-VM config files (vmx)
-miscellaneous (ISOs etc)
VMFS main parts?
-VMs (vmdk)
-VM suspends (vmss)
-Core Dump
-Vmkernal Swap
-VC Templates (vmtd)
Supported Servers?
Supported HBAs?
What makes up a VM?
Virtual file to disk mapping?
Each disk maps to a file in VMFS, a raw LUN, or a raw device mapping
What is RDM?
a VMFS file that is a symlink to a raw LUN/disk
What are the RDM modes?
-Physical Compatibility
-Virtual compatibility
Whats the formula for sizing Memory?
sum the following:
Per Server
-vmkernel overhead 24MB
-console overhead192-512mb
Per VM
-vm overhead 64MB
-additional 6% of total
How many ESX servers can access a LUN
What are some memory overcommitment techniques?
-transparent page sharing
-Swap to disk
What is CPU affinity?
-the tendency for a process to run on a given CPU as long as possible without being moved to some other processor
Backup Strategies?
-Agent in VM
-Agemt in Servoce Console
-Consolidated backup
-Backup with RDM
What types of VM clustering are available?
-Cluster in a box
-App clustering between ESXs
-VM clustering between ESXs
-Physical to Virtual
What is vmkusage?
-Creates perfomance Histogram accesible via Web Server