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2nd fleet
Atlantic Fleet Norfolk, Virginia
3rd & 7th fleets
Pacific Fleet San Diego, California while 7th fleet is in Yokosuka, Japan.
6th fleet
Naval Forces, Europe
Provides immediate sealift capability in the time of
Military Sealift Command (MSC)-
Mission is to provide trained units and qualified individuals for active duty in time of war or national emergency and at other times required by national security.
Naval Reserve
The total compliment of reservists in the SELRES, TAR, and IRR programs.
Ready Reserve
Subject to involuntary recall for war or national emergency, or by the president up to 90 days to
support operational requirements without the declaration of national emergency.
Selected Reserve
Serve on full-time active duty in support of the Naval Reserve.
Subject to involuntary recall for war or national emergency. Members are not required to train.
Individual Ready Reserves