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Name the items that are in the sounding kit
rags, tape, chalk, plumb bob, thief sampler, watering posts
Name the items that are in the plugging kit
sledgehammer, rags, hatchet, wedges, plugs, oakum
Name the items included in the shoring kit
carpenter's square, pencil, 6" C clamp, 8" C clamp, wedges, steel measuring tape
Name the items included in the pipe patch kit
rags, oakum, hatchet, ballpeen hammer, kevlar gloves, rubber gasket
Name & describe the 3 parts of a carpenter square
body=long part ("run")
heal=90 degree angle
tongue=short part ("rise")
Describe the soft patch and its max capacity
Used to repair small holes/cracks in low-pressure piping (no sharp bends)
Max 150psi
What is EWARP?
What is its max capacity?
Soft patch
What are the 6 conditions under which you wouldn't use EWARP on a pipe?
unsecure pipes, fuel, 300degree+ water, potable water, lube/oil, steam pipe
Name the 3 types of shoring
H, I, K
Which type of shoring is the most stable and why?
I shoring (direct pressure)
WHich type of shoring uses 90degree angles?
K shoring
Which type of shoring is required in order to avoid obstacles and is the weakest?
H shoring
The P-100 uses what kind of fuel?
JP-5 (diesel)
What is the P-100 used for?
De-watering and fire-fighting (can be done simultaneously)
What size fuel tank does the P-100 use?
1.45 gallon tank
The P-100 is used with the portable eductor. True or False? (spence's question)
At what rate does the P-100 dewater?
At the rate of 100 gal./min.
What PSI is the P-100 rated for?
Describe the minimum personnel required to move the P-100
2 persons
What is the max PSI for a banding patch?
What is an E.S.P.?
Electronic Submersible Pump
What is the voltage requirement for the E.S.P.?
440 volts (requires an electrician for installation)
What are the traits of the E.S.P.?
Water-cooled, uses 440 volts, 2.5" discharge, has star strainer
Name the 5 locations where the P-100 can be found on the USS Blue Ridge
Port Forward Sponson
Starboard Forward Sponson
DC shop
EM (Electrician's Mate) P-way
HT (Hull Technician) P-way
Name the 5 locations (in order) of the eductors
#1. Forward Pump Room
#2. Forward Pump Room
#3. Fire Room
#4. Engine Room
#5. Engine Room
When is it appropriate to use eductors (as opposed to the P-100 or the E.S.P.)?
When a fire hazard exists
What can provide extra grip?
When water is contaminated which type of dewatering equipment should not be used?
E.S.P. and P-100
Which dewatering equipment should be used when water is contaminated and why?
The peri-jet eductor. Because it is a non-mechanical eductor.
Name the 3 types of hook bolts used in shoring
J, T, L
How much of a gap should be left when cutting shoring?
.5 inch
What is the minimum personnel required for a shoring watch?
What items does the shoring watch require when standing its post?
radio, hammer, sand
Oakum Spun Tar

Oakum is made up of short lengths of shredded rope or hemp fiber that has been oiled or tarred. It is used in pipe patching operations as caulking or as a gasket when applying soft patches. In plugging operations it is used to plug holes and wrap around a plug or wedge prior to inserting into a split seam or crack in damaged decks, bulkheads and overheads. Oakum is supplied in either a box of three 5-pound rolls or one 50-pound roll.

Only one pound is required in the pipe patching, plugging, and repair locker tool kits and should be stored in a protective package.
What is this? Define.
When dewatering a space with an eductor, what effect takes place? Describe.
Venturi effect. Pipe limits flow rate and creates vacuum for sucking.
Name the bolts used to hold bucket and box patches in place.
Hook bolts (J,T,L)
What is "marline"?
Thin, two-ply twist tarred hemp used in DC applications.
Define the "run".
The run is the distance horizontally from the bulkhead to the anchor point, minus the thicknesses of the strongback and the crosspiece.
Name and describe the 4 types of ruptures.
Simple, compound, severed, elbow
Why is oakum used to seal patches?
It is good for caulking or as a gasket to seal patches.
How much larger than the rupture should a plug be?
If the hole has a diameter of 2", the appropriate plug should have a diameter of 4".
Describe the responsibilities of the shoring watch personnel.
Monitor the effectiveness of shoring, report problems and make temporary improvements.
Describe strongbacks and what they are used for.
-Distributes pressure and serves as an anchor
-Same material as shores
Heavy planks, steel bars and -iron pipe may also be used
What is the formula for determining shoring length?
Shores should be cut no longer than 30X the minimum butt thickness.
The angle of the shore should not exceed _____ degrees.
90 degrees
How long before an EWARP is ready to use?
30 minutes (patch becomes solid in 15 minutes)
When using the P100, you should connect an additional hose if the distance to overboard is greater than ___?
10 feet
What is the max number of hoses that should be connected to a P100?
Can the P100 be refueled while in operation? If so, how?