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What type of anchors and weight?
Navy Standard Stockless/ 9,000 lb.s
How much chain is on the centerline anchor?
12 shots/180 fathoms/1080 feet
How much chain is on the starboard anchor?
9 shots/135 fathoms/810 feet
What size and type chain do we use?
1 7/8”, die-lock.
What does “die-lock” mean?
The chain has a central “stud” to keep it from kinking.
What is the basic color code of the chain markings?
How can you tell the difference between the 1st and the 4th shot?
The 1st shot will have have 1 white link on either side of the red, detachable link and the 4th shot will
have 4 white links on either side of the colored, detachable link.
What is “Scope” of chain?
The amount of chain paid out
What is the rule of thumb for determining the scope?
5 to 7 times the depth of the water