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1. What are the seawater service pumps rated at?
A: 1450 GPM 35 PSIG
2. How many potable water pumps are there? Where? Ratings?
A: 2 pumps AUX1 100gal/min 70 PSI
3. What is the CRP head tank?
A: Provides static head pressure on hub seals while system is secured. Also prevents Seawater intrusion.
4. What is the HP to LP cross connect used for?
A: to reduce HP air to LP air for emergency use (3000 PSI to 80 PSI)
5. What is WCS?
A: Weapons Control System
6. What are the LPAC modes of operation?
A: 115/125, 110/120, and 105/115
7. What is the mission of Naval Logistics?
A: Provide and sustain our operational readiness by getting the right support to the right place at the right time.
8. Who is the senior enlisted advisor to the CNO?
A: MCPON (master chief petty officer of the navy)
9. What side of the ship is the starboard Harpoon launcher on?
A: Port
0. Where are the VCHT deck discharge connections?
A: Topside Port and starboard foc’sle and 2 aft of amidships quarterdecks
11. Which way does each shaft rotate? What is it referred to as?
A: Port- counterclockwise Starboard- clockwise outboard rotation
12. What type of anodes does ROSS use for cathodic protection?
A: Platinum coated tantalum rods
13. Where are the A/C plants located?
A: #1 AUX1, #2&3 AUX2, #4 Shaft alley
14. What uses HP air?
A: Propulsion & gas turbine starters, back up to LP air, 5” gun, Torpedo tubes, VLS, and emergency air breathing.
Q: What uses LP air?
A: Ship’s whistle, A/Cs, Sonar dome, GTM blow in doors, MRG brake, Stern tube Inflatable seal, 5”ammo handling, and Laundry