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1.What are the two divisions that make up the cicultory system?
1.Blood vascular
2.Lymph vasular
2.What are the four chambers of the heart?
Right atrium
Left Atrium
Right Ventricle
Left Ventricle
3.What is the name of the membrane the encloses the heart?
4.Which blood vessels carry oxygentated blood away from the heart?
5.Which blood vessels connect the smaller arteries to the veins?
6.Which blood vessels carry blood containing waste back to the heart?
7.What do red blood cells contain that is a complex iron protein that give blood it's bright red color?
8.What is another name for leukocytes, which perform the function of destroying disease causing germs?
White blood cells
9.What is the fluid part of the blood in which the red and white blood cells and platelets flow?
10.Which common arteries are the main source of blood supply to the head?
Carotid artery
11.Which are the principal veins form the head, face and neck?
External and internal jugular
12.What artery supplies the blood to the little finger side arm?
Ulnuar artery
13.What artery supplies the blood to the thumb side of the arm?
Radical artery
14.What are the two main types of glands of the Endocrine system and what do they do?
1.Excocrine glands secrete sweat and oil
2.Endocrine glands that secrete hormones
15.The following terms label the branches of facial artery:
chin and lower lip
16.Inferior labial
lower lip
side of nose
18.Superior labial
upper lip
sides and crown of the head
21.Transverse facial
masseter and skin
22.Middle temporal
23.Anterior auricular
front part of the ear
back of head
25.Circulatory System
Controls the steady circulation of the blood through the body.
26.Digestive System
Changes food into nutrients and wastes.
27.Endocrine System
Affects the growth, development, sexual activities, and health of the entire body.
28.Excretory System
Purifies the body by the elimination of waste matter.
29.Integumentary System
Protective covering that helps in regulating the body's temperature.
30.Muscular System
Covers, shapes and supports the skeleton tissue.
31.Nervous System
Controls and coordinates all other systems and makes them work.
32.Reproductive System
Process by which plants and animals produce offspring.
33.Respiratory System
Enables breathing, supplying the body with oxygen and eliminating carbon dioxide.
34.Skeletal System
Physical foundation of the body.