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True / False

There is no objective reality.
True / False

You taste with your nose.
True / False

All of the senses transmit their messages through the thalamus in the brain.
True / False

Compared with seeing and hearing, touch is a relatively unimportant sense.
True / False

We always accurately perceive what our senses report to us.
When light strikes a photoreceptor, it is converted into neural activity. What is this conversion process called?
Sensory nerves carry information from the receptors to the cerebral cortex by way of the thalamus. This is true for all of the senses EXCEPT for the sense of
Dr. Wood is conducting a study in psychophysics. Accordingly, he might ask the participants to
Respond to a series of tones that decrease in intensity.
When Sarah wanted to know why she had to wear glasses, the eye doctor explained that she was nearsighted which meant that light rays from objects were being focused
In front of the retina.
While Kevin was dressing for his big date with Robyn, the power went out in his apartment, so he dressed in the dark. Later that night, Robyn noticed that Kevin was wearing one black sock and one navy blue sock. "It's true that I dressed in the dark," Kevin said, "but I don't understand how I could have made such a silly mistake." Robyn explained that the photoreceptors active in low light are unable to discriminate colors. What are those photoreceptors?
When Blair and Paula go to the beach, Paula looks at the sky and says, "That sky is pure blue!" By saying the color is pure, Paula is referring to which characteristic of the color?
By turning up the brightness knob on a television, we increase what characteristic of the light on the screen?
Hair cells, the receptors for sound energy are located on which part of the inner ear?
The basilar membrane.
Which of the following persons has conduction deafness?
Cynthia, whose hammer, anvil, and stirrup are fused together.
Ryan has been diagnosed with nerve deafness. Which of the following auditory structures has been damaged?
The cochlea.
Which of the following people is sending information primarily to his olfactory bulb?
Barney, who is smelling a flower.
During a game of softball, Gilda slid into a base and banged her knee. According to the gate control theory of pain, which of the following should Gilda do to decrease the intensity of pain in her knee?
Rub the area around her wound.
Yimin was just given the drug naloxone. Which of the following effects should he experience?
He will find hot, spicy tastes less pleasurable because the release of endorphins has been inhibited.
Which of the following sensory systems is propriceptive?
Even with your eyes closed, you can correctly point to different parts of your body. That ability is due to which of the following senses?
Of the following gestalt principles of perceptual organization, which is the one that describes our tendency to mentally fill in the missing parts of incomplete objects?
Which of the following is the visual depth perception cue that is based on the fact that each eye receives a slightly different image of the same object?
Binocular disparity.
Bianca is giving a lecture on the nature of perception. "I believe that our sensory information is so complete that perception occurs automatically," she explains. "It's almost as if sensation and perception are the same process!" Bianca has described which type of processing?
Bottom-up processing.
In order to study infant perception, psychologists use a technique called
The visual cliff is used to test an infant's
Depth perception.
When Julio first placed the engagement ring on her finger, Carla was acutely aware of its presence against her skin. Now, a week later, she finds herself constantly checking to make sure that it's still on her finger. The fact that she no longer senses its presence is explained by the phenomenon of
Sylvia is teaching her five-year-old son to play tennis. When he serves, she calls every ball that lands anywhere near the box "good." In actuality, Sylvia perceives quite accurately whether the serve is good or not. In signal detection theory, Sylvia's sensitivity would be categorized as ________ and her response criterion would be categorized as ________.
high; low.
Latosha and Sharleen were hiking through a park when Latosha slapped Sharleen on the shoulder. "What did you do that for?" inquired Sharleen. "There was a bug on your shoulder," replied Latosha. Sharleen deduced that the bug must have been very small, since she had not been able to detect the pressure of its weight on her shoulder. The smallest amount of pressure Sharleen can detect involves which of the following?
Absolute threshold.
Curt was helping a friend move out of his old apartment. They tried to lift the dresser but found it very difficult, so they removed the drawers. After they had removed the drawers, though, the dresser felt just as heavy as before. Curt and his friend, who were psychology students, realized that the removal of the drawers had not reduced the weight of the dresser enough to reach
The just noticeable difference.
Damage to which of the following structures would inhibit the transduction of light into neural activity?
The retina.
Blair and Paula are enjoying a clear, beautiful day at the beach. When they look at the blue sky, which photoreceptors are most active?
Short-wavelength cones.
Blair and Paula are spending the day at the beach. If they stare at the blue sky for a long time and then look at their white beach towel, what color will they see, according to the opponent-process theory of color vision?
While enjoying a concert, Steve hears a sound wave that has high amplitude and low frequency. What kind of sound is Steve hearing?
A loud, low-pitched sound.
A flute and an oboe play the same note at the same loudness. The sound made by the oboe is thick and rich whereas that made by the flute sounds pure. The difference between the two sounds is due to the psychological property known as
As Therese listened to the Live Bait '98 compact disc, a wave was carried through her cochlea, stimulating some, but not all, auditory receptors. The stimulated auditory receptors sent a message to her brain that the sound to which she was listening was of a particular pitch. This description of Therese's experience is most consistent with which theory of hearing?
Which of the following can be explained by the fact that connections from the olfactory bulb are especially prevalent in the amygdala?
Whenever Darlene smelled mothballs, she felt sad.
Martin was blindfolded and spun in a circle several times. Because Martin's balance had been impaired, he fell down and found it difficult to get up. Which of Martin's senses did the spinning affect?
When Arthur surveyed his vast garden, his perceived all the red flowers as being grouped together even though they were planted in different locations. This is due to the gestalt principle called
The plane wrote a message in the sky. Even though the message was written in dashes, when people looked up, they were able to read the ad. This illustrates the gestalt principle of
Which of the following demonstrates the gestalt principle of common fate?
At the outdoor concert, the sequential movement of different sections of the audience created the illusion of a wave.
Even though they were far from the orchard, Paul could tell that the row of orange trees was closer than the row of pear trees because the orange trees partially blocked his view of the pear trees. Paul was using the depth clue of
Everyone had fun playing pin the tail on the donkey until someone lost an eye. That person was Clara. Which of the following depth cues will she no longer be able to use?
Binocular disparity.
Linda drew a small car on the bottom of the first page of her textbook. Then she turned the page and drew the car a little bit ahead of the car on the previous page. She continued doing so until there was a little car on each page; each one a little closer to the edge of the book opposite to where she first drew the car. Then, she quickly fanned through the pages and found that the car appeared to be moving across the bottom of the textbook. Linda was duplicating the illusion known as
Stroboscopic motion.
Dewan is riding in the back seat of the family car. He looks out the window and sees a farmhouse in the distance. "Wow!" he exclaims, "that is one tiny farmhouse!" Having studied psychology, Dewan's parents are concerned that he is not displaying the perceptual principle known as
Size constancy.
Rhonda threw the Frisbee up in the air. Even though the image it cast on her retina was now oval, she still perceived it as perfectly round. This was due to
Shape constancy.