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A piece of writing that gives your thoughts about a subject
The first paragraph in an essay. Includes the thesis that is found at the end
A middle paragraph in an essay. It develops a point you want to make that supports your thesis
Body Paragraph
The last paragraph in your essay. Sums up the ideas, and reflects on what you said in your essay.
Concluding paragraph
A sentence with a subject and opinion
Thesis Statement
THe process of getting your concrete details down on paper before you organize your essay into paragraphs
Specific details that form the core of your body paragraphs. FACTS. PROOF. EVIDENCE. QUOTATIONS. ETC.
Concrete Details
Your opinion or comment about something- not concrete detail
the first sentence in a body paragraph. Has a subject and opinion.
Topic Sentence
The last sentence in a body paragraph. It gives a finished feeling to the paragraph
concluding sentence
the step that is done after presriting and before the first draft of the essay. AN OUTLINE OF YOUR THESIS, TOPIC SENTENCE, ETC.
Shaping the Essay
The first versions of your essay
The final version of your essay
Final draft
Responses and reactions to a partner's paper given in writing or in a writing group
Peer response
One sentence of concrete detail and two sentences of commentary. SMALLEST UNIFIED GROUP OF THOUGHTS THAT YOU CAN WRITE IN AN EXPOSITORY PARAGRAPH
Blending concrete details and commentray in a body paragraph. You can do this after you master the format
the ratio of 1 part concrete detail to 2+ parts commentary