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what does the original mass law for bilingual education chapter 71a say?
use to require that 20 or more students limited in english in a district must be taught in a full time program of native tongue instruction, native culture, and english
What does the new mass BE law say?
1. default assignment is structure english immersion
2. if parents want different program must sign waiver after 30 days in SEI
3. district must justify choice on other needs of child outside of language
what was the overall drop in BE after prop. 227 was implemented?
29% 97-98 to 12% 01-02
biggest drop in elementary school
what was the point gain in test scores of schools who originally had BE and then SEI compared to schools who continued BE?
10 pt gain in reading and 14pt gain in math
6 point gain in reading 14 point gain in math
with regards to students on free lunch what was the point increase in schools who had no stu. in BE compared to schools that did?
scored 6 points higher in reading and three points higher in math
what do formal bilingual teachers think of prop 227?
says it finally allows them to do what BE didn't
What does the Bali studies say?
BE to SEI schools 2 pt gain in reading and .5 gain in math