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What is a heart attack?
a heart attack isa block of the coronary artery; this leads to no blood flow which makes a dead heart msucle
5 risk factors?
aging, blood, pressure, cholestoral, diabetes, and family history
what happens when you age?
your coronary atery weakens
What happens when you have high blood pressure?
then your aterteyrs fill with cholesterol
aterterys may be blocked
your blood vessels are breaking apart
2 immediate treatments of a heart attak are?
anaioplasty and blood thinger.
what is argioplasty used for?
used to open up the arterys. It is a wire type thing that they put inside and then pus a button and a baloon opens to open the artery.
What does blood thinner do?
is used to thin thye blood so that tit can travel through the arterys and make it to the heart. It is also used to break up blood
3 long term prevents of heart attacks are?
loose weight, dont smoke, and dont stress out
you have more blood vessels which causes your herte rate to increase which makes you have an untrained heart.
if you smoke?
this causes your blood pressure to increase and makes your blood vessels contrict
your blood pressure goes up and your blood vessels constrict