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*inflammation of the lining of the stomach die to increased acid, certain medications or certain infectious agents
*s&s burning ache at the epigastic area of the abdomen, tenderness to the epigastric area
*stomach flu or food poisoning
*usually viral but sometimes bacterial; infection of the GI tract
s&s nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, may have abdominal gas cramping, fever, abdomen may be soft but diffusely tender, may become dehydrated
*caused by increased amount of gas produced during digestion plus increased acid output
*s&s heartburn, epigastic discomfort, bloating, intermittent sharp pain in the abdomen, increased bowel sounds
*occurs when gastric juives digest the submucoasl layers of the stomach or duodenum, chronic infection by H. pylori
*s&s intermittent pain in upper or middle abdomen that radiates to thoracic spine, chest and neck, abdominal pain at night; if condition persists recurrent vomiting and loss of appetite cause weight loss
*caused by psychophysical stress and poor diet
s&s abdominal pain and cramping' diarrhea, constipation or alternating rpisodes of both' bloating or abdominal distension
*most common among young adult females
Irritable Bowel Syndrome