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The smallest meaningful unit in the grammar of a language
One of the sound units that make up a word. A phoneme can be represented by a letter or a group of letters
The unit of writing that represents a single phoneme. A grapheme can be a letter or a group of letters.
The study of spelling and standard spelling patterns.
The study of word structure. Morphology encompasses the derivation of words, the use of inflections, and the creation of compound words.
A word's initial consonant or consonant blend.
A word's VOWEL AND any FINAL consonants.
Consonant cluster
A group or sequence of consonants that appear together in a syllable without a vowel between them.
Consonant digraph
A pair of consonants that makes a single sound that is DIFFERENT from each individual letter sound.
Consonant blend
Two or three consonants blended together. The sound that this blend makes IS the sound of the consonants blended together.
Vowel digraph
A pair of letters with the FIRST letter making a long vowel sound and the SECOND letter being SILENT.
The vowel sound in many lightly pronounced unaccented syllables in words of more than one syllable