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What event is used to represent the beginning of the times of the gentiles?
nebuchadnezzars capture of Jerusalem
three contrasts between rapture and revelation of Jesus.
1. rapture ocours in air
2. revelation is on mt of olives
3. rapture is imminent
ruler that sir rob anderson id's with the beginning of the 70 weeks of Daniel
King Artaxerxes Longimanus
What is the first act of the Antichrist that opens the tribulation?
signing of a covanent with Israel
what does rosh mean
what is the basic premillenial principal for interpretation of bible prophecy?
who is the rider in Rev 6:2
the antichrist
how many days are in a biblical year?
how does the church relate to the new covanent
Church enters into spiritual benefits
answer those who say rev 7 trumpet is the same as 1 cor 15
last in sequence or point of time.
who is the king having fierce features and of whom is he a picture
1. Antiochus IV Epiphanes
2. Antichrist
how were people saved before Christ?
by faith
7 economies associated with dispensationalism.
1. Innocence
2. conscience
3. civil gov.
4. promise
5. Mosaic law
6. grace
7. millenium
name 7 covanents
1. Edenic
2. Adamic
3. Noahic
4. Abrahamic
5. Mosaic
6. Dueteronimic
7. Davidic
three reasons why abrahamic covanent is unconditional.
1. eternal
2. one sided- God made it
3. Repeated
where would the boundries extend in the abrahamic covanent?
river of egypt to euphrates
why couldnt solomon not totally fufill the Davidic covanent
1. never maintained the whole area permanently
2. not eternal in kingship
what does the binding of satan refer to acording to many ammilenialists?
Christ's death
what does the term preterist mean?
prophecy fulfilled in the past
what are two meanings for genea?
what does the term imminent mean?
at any time
what are two meanings for the greek root "tax"
what are two of the covanents foundational to covanent theology?
redemtion/ grace
what entity seperates dispensationalism from covanent theology?
what names given to two camps of dominion theology
kingdom now
what are the three parts of a jewish wedding that give clues to the marriage supper of the lamb?
the betrothal
the fetching
the dinner