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American eels
-elongate, slimy and bony
-Small scales not visible until 3rd year
-Distributed throughout Bay and tributaries into fresh water
-in the bay, primarily used for crab bait
-commonly exported to Europe
Bay eel fishery
-1 to 3 million dollar fishery
-most chesapeake eels are now exported to europe and asia
Eel boat- "buck fever"
-Rock Hall is one of the last fishing towns on marylands chesapeake bay
Razor clams
like buffalo wings for eels.
Eel life history
-no details on spawning area, eggs, larvae
-spawn in sargasso sea near bermuda
-all come from same genetic stock-panmictic- and coverage in sargasso to spawn
more life history
-eels from the mediterranean also spawn from this area
-eggs hatch into leptocephali-flat, leaf like planktonic
-drift for a year and metamorphose into glass eels or elvers
-glass eels migrate into freshwater and take on yellow green pigmentation "yellow eel" most on life history
-eels may take up to 25 years to metamorphose into mature silver eels.. females up to 5 feet long
-at maturity they migrate back to sargasso sea where spawning is believed to occur
spawning info
-differences in distribution based on gender
-males more southern and in mouths of estuaries
-femaels more northern and inland freshwater
-probably related to population pressures.. eels convert to males when density is high and competition is strong
-at low densities with low competition they convert to females.