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All garbage, refuse, and sludge products form agriculture, forestry, mining,& municipalities.
What is Solid Waste? (304)
Any discarded material - not liquid or gas
Describes substances that decompose easily and enrich the soil.
What are Biodegradable Materials? (305)
Any material biological organisms can break down or decompose into consumable chemical compounds.
Trash produced by households & businesses.
What is Municipal Solid Waste? (306)
All garbage, refuse, & sludge products of a municipality.
A waste-disposal facility where wastes are put in the ground & covered daily w/ a layer of dirt, plastic, or both.
What is a Landfill? (306)
A safer waste-disposal method since it reduces bad odors & breeding grounds for rats & flies.
Water in landfills containing toxic materials & chemicals dissolve from wastes in a landfill.
What is Leachate? (307)
Ex. The Love Canal stored toxic chemicals which leached into groundwater and radiated up through the ground into homes causeing sickness, death & birth defects in babies.
A dark, brown, crumbly material made from decomposed vegetable & animal materials used as soil conditioner.
What is Composte? (312)
Ex. a rubbish heap which rots & becomes nutrients for soil.
Wastes that are toxic or highly corrosive or that explode easily.
What are Hazardous Wastes?
Ex. dyes, cleaners, PCBs,Insulation materials, toxic heavy metals, & radioactive wastes.
A form of hazardous waste disposa by pumping waste deep into the ground, where they're absorbed into a dryer layer of rock below groundwater.
What is Deep Well Injection?
Proposed for toxic or corrosive materials.
A settling pond for wastes with a sealed bottom for holding hazardous wastes.
What is Surface Impoundment?
Requires extra precautions to prevent leakage of toxic materials into groundwater.
The process of burning solid waste material.
What is Incineration? (309)
If designed correctly, a safe but expensive form of waste disposal.
The recycling of biodegradable products for human reuse.
What is Reuse? ( ? )
Conserving raw materials used by humans (i.e., glass, plastic, cardboard, tin, aluminum, wood, )
Reuse of discarded materials i.e., paper, plastic, tin, cardboard, oil, aluminum, glass, et. al.
What is Recycle? (311)
Reusing discarded materials.
ex. cleaning used oil and reconditioning it for use.