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Describe cirrus clouds
thin and wispy.
Describe autocumulus clouds
in rolls or layers
Describe cumulus clouds
dense individual elements in the form of puffs, or mounds. Most common in warm, summer weather
decending movement of air, and barometric pressure increase.
von Karman vortices
chain of swirls
What is Sounder Data?
Active far infrared, RADAR, or LASER remote sensing. used to determine cloud height
National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration
Supercell thunderstorm
A long lived and and highly organized storm feeding off an updraft that is tilted and rotating.
Aura satillite
Satellite mission to observe ozone layer recovery, monitor air quality, and climate change.
provides key measurments of aerosol and cloud properties needed to improve climate predictions.
WRF Model
Weather Research and Forcast model.
Heat island
heating of air above over the city due to replacement of canopy by cement, asphalt, rooftops, and other man-made materials.
How can romote sensing assist habitat mapping
By analyzing image texture
Define habitat fragmentation
A human caused process that describes the emergence of discontinuties in an organism's environment.
What are 3 aspects of landscape structure?
1) Composition of the landscape
2) Configuration of the landscape
3) The shape of the patches in the landscape
Define image texture
a function of the spatial variation in pixel intensities (grey values)
What is a high pass filter?
a filter that passes high frequencies well, but reduces frequencies lower than the cutoff frequency
What is a low pass filter?
a filter that passes low frequencies but reduces frequencies higher than the cutoff frequency.
What is a fractal?
a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be subdivided into parts each of which is a reduced size copy of the whole.
What is kregging?
interpolation between points based on relationship to distance.
Define LAI
unit leaf area per unit ground area
Define LAD (Leaf Angle Distribution)
angle of incident solar radiation and the angle of the leaf.
What is the typical dimention for LAI?
meter squared
Explain continuum removal technique.
It fits a convex hull in order to normalize the curve and remove backgroud noise
Name a few biophysical variables
Vegetation canopies:
Define endmember
Pure representation of a class of ojects in an image
What technique that requires identification of endmembers?
Decribe LSU
A mathmatical model where the observed spectrum is the result of multiplying the library of pure endmembers spectra by the endmember abundances.
Explain supervised classification
Classification using endmembers
Explain unsupervised classification
Classification using statistical tecniques in to natural spectral classes.
Explain parellelpiped classification
Uses simple decision rule to classify multispectral data (supervised).
Explain look-up table classification
For each class, a table of band outputs are produced with their corresponding classes. For each image pixel, the image outputs are matched against the table to generate the class.
Name 3 factors that determine canopy reflectance
1)Spectral scatter/absorbing properties of canopy componets
2) Canopy architecture
3) Directions of illumination and view
How does moisture stress affect the reflectance of a leaf measured in the infrared region between 1.4um and 2.6um?
water absorbs strongly in the SWIR. Moisture stress should thus increase reflectance in this region.
What happens to band-to-band correlation and classification accuracy when one band (red, for example) is misregistered relative to another band?
Band to band correlation will decrease, and classification accuracy will decrease.
What is the difference between a 'maximum likelihood classification' and a 'Gaussian maximum likelihood classification?'
Gaussian maximum likelihood is similar ot maximum likelihood, but assumes that spectral responses for a given class are normally distributed.
Describe 3 ways that increased accuracy of satellites will improve severe strom prediction.
1) We can detect the amount and type of precipitation in storm systems using IR-based cloud top temperatures.
2) Satellites allow us to track the location and heading of storms.
3) Satellites allow us to understand the composition and features of convective mesoscale systems.