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Microsoft Word
a full featured word processing program that allows you to create and 2. Revise professional looking documents such as announcements, letters, resumes, and reports.
Task Pane
a separate window that enables users to carry out some word tasks more efficiently.
Screen tip
a short on-screen note associated with the object to which you are pointing.
Document Window
displays text, tables, graphics and other items as you type or insert them into a document.
Insertion point
a blinking vertical bar that indicates where text will be inserted as you type.
End mark
a short horizontal line that indicates the end of your document
Scroll bars
displaying different portions of your document window.
Status bar
displays at the bottom of the document window, above the Window taskbar.
Status indicator
turns certain keys or modes on or off.
Full menu
all the commands associated with a menu, it expands into a full menu.