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Low endothelial cell density (ECD) is a risk factor for what?
Cataract and corneal surgeries
With the ECC machine printout, the Coefficant of variation (CV) is what for a normal endothelium? Active physiological stress to endothelium? Abnormal? What does it represent?
Normal: 20-30

Stress: 30-40

Abnormal: >40
Level of activity of wound repair. When over active or hyperactive the CV is increased
When do you use an ECC?
Pre-Operative risk assessment (Cat sx or glaucoma filter surgery)

Corneal edema

Corneal opacity

Corneal dystrophy

Iatrogenic endotheliopathy (endothelial problems caused by intraocular sx)

CL - related endotheliopathy (CL wear can induce endothelial hypoxia)
Why is ECC so important for Pre-op sx?
Because with sx you generally lose 10-15% of endothelial function. Therefore if you already start with a low number, then you can assess the risk and potential outcome for the pt
What are some symptoms of endothelial disease?
Blurred vision

Fluctuating vision

Halos around light


FB sensation

CL intolerance
What are some signs of endothelial disease?
Polymegethism, Pleopmorphism, Progressive guttata formation, reduced ECD, increased corneal thickness, loss of trnasparency
What is the primary goal of tx for endothelial disease? Secondary goal?
Tx of clinically significant corneal edema

Prevent further damage to the endothelium
What are the tx options for endothelial disease?
Pt education (future sx, CL)

Preventative care

Eliminate initiating insult (ie CL endotheliopathy - move them into a higher dk value)

5% sodium chloride solution (or ointment at bedtime)

Topical anti-inflammatory

Corneal surgery