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What are performance horses judged on?
functional correctness, attitude and manners, quality of movement, and head and neck carriage
What is functional correctness?
is defined as how correctly a horse fulfills the requirements of the class.
When is functional correctness attained?
when a horse performs the required gaits and maneuvers readily and without fault.
What is the key to brokeness?
When it comes to attitude and manners what is the most desirable type of horse?
a broke horse
When evaluating brokeness what will the judge assess?
how alert the horse is, how quiet the horse is, and the rein length, observing the ears, tail and mouth
What type of horse is ideal in attitude and manners?
a horse that is consistent in frame and speed, quiet and does not resist
What is quality of movement?
a free flowing, balanced, collected and cadenced in all required gaits
What is candence?
number of beats in a gait
How many beats are in a walk?
four beats
What type of beat gaits are the jog and trot? describe the pattern
two beat gaits, diagonal legs will move in unison
What type of beat gaits are the canter and lope?
three beat gaits, right lead, left hind, right hind and left front together
What is an ideal hunter horse when it comes to quality of movement?
long sweeping strides, flat in the knees, and collected in the hind end
What are good characterisitics of rail horses who are efficient in quality in movement?
flat knees, feet traveling close to the ground, symmetrical and rhythmical
What is wrong with having a the head up for a performance horse?
the back will drop forcing the horse to use mostly its front end for propulsion
How does a horse travel balanced and collected?
it uses its back and is level with its topline
What is head set?
How the head hangs off the neck
What is head carriage?
how the head hangs off the body
What type of horse is the hunter under saddle horse?
it should be ridden through fields and woods, over brush and fence, following hounds, chasing a fox
What type of movement should a hunter under saddle horse have?
a long, low frame, lengthy stride and cover ground efficiently, flat in the knees and drive from the hindquarter
What type of manners should a hunter under saddle horse have?
obedient and willing with a pleasant attitude
What are the required gaits for the Hunter under saddle horse?
walk, trot, canter**
What are the requirements for judging the Hunter Hack horses?
functional correctness, manners, way of going, style over fences, and flat work
What is way over going over fences?
covering the course with free flowing strides
What is style over fences?
horse to possess an arc of the body over the fence, with the legs tucked tightly and evenly