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What is another name for Laminitis?
What it laminitis?
Failure/detachment of inner lamineo of hoof wall
What are common causes of Laminitis?
Overgrazing on lush pasture
High starch grain (Grain Founder)
What are two major clinical signs of Laminitis?
Shifting Lameness
Pounding digital pulse
Diagnosis of Laminitis?
Radiographs (rotation of coffin bone)
Clinical signs
Hoof testing (pain)
"failure" of hoof wall
What are two ways to treat Laminitis?
Feed only grass and non-rich food
Anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS)
What is the prognosis of Laminitis?
Depends on degree of rotation
If severe: Poor
Navicular Disease:
Physically happening?
Irritaion &
Inflammation of Navicular sesamoid bone
What are the clinical signs of Navicular Disease?
Lameness (+/- intermittent)
Change in performance
Three treatments for Navicular Disease?
Medical (NSAIDS)
What is the most common muscle disorder in horses?
What is Rhabdomyolysis also known as?
Tying up
Monday Morning Disease
What are three clinical signs of Rhabdomyolysis?
Stiff, Stilted gait
Excessive sweating
Increased respiratory rate
What is the recommended treatment for Rhabdomyolysis?
Low dose tranquilizers
Maintain adequate renal perfusion
Mildly affected animals should perform some mild exercise
What causes Bog Spavin?
Tarsocrural synovitis
Fluid distension of joint
What is the difference between Bog Spavin and Bone Spavin?
Bone Spavin = arthritis of hock joint
Bog Spavin = Swelling at hock joint (fronut part)
In horses:
99% of lameness is found where?
The front limb
What injury is the most common in in the rear limbs?
What are the physical findings of thoroughpin?
Swelling of tendon sheath of deap digital flexor thendon at tarsal hoing (hock joint)
Can be moved from side to side
stays were you push it
What is another name for arthritis of the hock joing?
Bone Spavin
What is another name for a shoe boil?
Capped Elbow
What is Capped Elbow?
trauma to elbow leading to soft swelling
What are shin splints also called?
Bucked Shins
What are some causes of Shin splints?
Microfractures/hemorrhage beneath periosteum
Excessive stress on bone
What is often caused by Brucella Abortus?
Poll Evil
Fistulas Withers
Where is Poll Evil found?
Between the ears
Where is Fistulas Withers found?
between the shoulder blades
What is Poll Evil?
Swelling at poll
Usually size of tennis ball
What is Fistualas Withers
Swelling at the withers
What is the most common neurological problem in horses?
What are signs of Wobbles?
Staggering gate
Cannot backup
(Affects hindlimbs)
What age does wobbles typically affect horses?
2 years