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In an idle horse:
What are the signs of dental disease?
Loss of food when chewing
Inefficient chewing
Excessive salivation
Weight loss/rough hair
Foul odor - mouth/nostrils
Head tilted
Head shaking
Cheek sensitivity
Pain when drinking water
Bleeding mouth
In an "Under Saddle"
What are the signs of dental disease?
Poor performance
Sensitivity to bit
Head throwing
Bracing against bit Tail
Refusal to stop/turn
Unwilling to collect
Poor head carriage
How often do you want to have their teeth checked?
Minimum once a year
Request to have it done twice a year
Senior should have them checked twice a year minimum
When does the Galvayne's Groove appear?
10 years of age
How do horses chew?
in a circular motion
What is:
Rows of teeth
What is:
The open (or interdental) spaces on the jaws between the incisors and cheek teeth where the bit sits
What is:
canine teeth
small pointed teeth
Grow in interdental space near corner incisors
What are Canine teeth also called?
"fighting teeth"
What is:
remanant of deciduous tooth
Do all deciduous teeth have caps?
What is:
Filing down sharp edges on horse's molars
using a long handled rasp
(Called a "float"
What is:
Galvayne's Groove
A stained vertical furrow
First appears at gum line of upper incisors when a horse is about 10 years old
What is:
A point or peak on a tooth's chewing surface
developed through abnormal wear
What is:
Six front top teeth and six front bottom teeth
What are incisors used for?
Tearing off grass
What is:
24 grinding teeth
Located along jaws
What are molars used for?
Crushing feed
What are molars also called?
Cheek Teeth
What is:
Surface contact of normally aligned opposing teeth
What is:
Wolf Teeth
1 to 4 rudimentary teeth
In front of first molars
What if Wolf Teeth don't fall out?
They should be pulled at age 4 if they don't fall out