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What are the three areas of a horse's digestive system?
Small intestines
Large intestines
What are the 3 pairs of salivary glands in the horses mouth?
The parotoid
The submaxillary
The sublingual
How long can it take after a feed change for the microbial population to adjust & redevelop?
about three weeks
How long is the colon?
12 feet long
How many quarts of goo does the colon hold?
about 80 quarts
What three things are absorbed in the Colon?
Fatty acids
What is the end product that comes out of a horses rectum?
Fecal Balls
How are horses classified?
in terms of digestive tract..
What structure is responsible for most of the break down and processing of food products?
Small intestines
What is Creep Feed
Food given to a foal to assist with weaning
A deficiency in Vitamin B can cause.....
Moon blindness
What is "Big Head Dz" also known as?
Where is Vitamiin B found?
Green plants
Dried legumes
Soybean meal
Where is Vitamin A found?
Green plants
*Contain carotene which is converted to Vitamin A
Where is Vitamin D found?
Exposure to sunlight
What does Vitamin A contribute to?
Health of:
eye & bone tissue
What does Vitamin D contribute to?
Calcium & phosphorus deposition in bone formation
Pros of pelleted feed?
Useful for horses w/heaves (No dust)
Cons of pelleted feeds
More expensive than hay & grain seperate
May develop cribbing (no hay to keep them busy)
On average how much water will a horse drink in a day?
10-12 gallons
More if working or hot weather
What is Azoturia?
Caused from continued heavy grain feeding during a day after work
What is Periodic Ophthalmia?
AKA: Moon blindness
Recurrent Uveitis from deficiency in riboflavin (Vit. B)
What is "Big Head" caused by?
imbalance of amounts of calcium and phosphorus in the diet
Diets rich in phosphorus and low in calcium
increased secretion of parathyroid hormone
What does "Big Head" cause?
calcium to be mobilized from bones into circulation
Calium loss replaced by connective tissue
What is colic caused by?
Increased gas due to over consumption of lush forage
Sand impaction
A billion other things
What are the signs of colic?
Pawing at the ground or sides
Rolling around
What is the sign of "Big Head"?
Enlargement of bones of the head
What causes Laminitis?
Rapid consumption of grain
Overfeeding of lush forage
Cold water after exercise
What are the signs of Laminitis?
"Walking on eggs appearance"
hot foot
Bounding digital pulses
What are common allergies to?
What are the signs of allergies?
Difficulty breathing
What are the minimal dietary requirements for horses?
Grass and hay
Free-choice water
Some calcium, phosphorus and trace minerals (like salt)
What is the main source of energy for horses?
How are energy values for grains & roughages commonly expressed?
In terms of total digestible nutrients
When does weaning typically occur in horses?
2-3 months
What is sweet feed made from?
Oats, corn & molasses
How many gallons of saliva does a horse produce in a day?
10 gallons
What is the track that food follows?
Small intestin