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5 S’s and a T
• Search.
• Silence.
• Segregate.
• Safeguard.
• Speed.
• Tag.
An EPW Search team consists of
a cover man and a search man.
3 types of searches:
1 Hasty Search
2 Detailed Search
3 Strip Search
The order of preference for the searcher is 4:
1 A Medical Officer (doctor)
2 officer
3 corpsman
4 responsible enlisted Marine
Items that should never be taken away from an EPW:
- military ID card, dog tags, or a letter of authorization, reflecting a civilian EPWs status as an individual
- Religious items and badges of rank and personal decorations
- EPWs are also allowed to keep personal protective equipment, such as field protective mask, flak jacket, and helmet
- EPWs should remain in possession of all articles of
personal use such as their clothing, food, and personal
- If an EPW has high-value personal items (e.g., an expensive watch).
Example of items that EPWs may not retain:
• Weapons.
• Any item (e.g., a compass or map) which may facilitate escape.
Separate EPWs, according to the following categories:
• Male and Female.
• Officer and Enlisted.
• Military and Civilian.
• Ethnic groups.
• Old and Young.
EPWs are classified as 3:
1 walking wounded
2 non-walking wounded
3 sick
Walking wounded EPWs are evacuated through
military police EPW evacuation channels
Non-walking wounded and the sick are delivered
to the nearest medical aid station and evacuated through medical channels.
The EPW may not be murdered, mutilated, tortured,
degraded or punished for alleged criminal acts without a __ __ __.
previous judgment pronounced by a legally constituted court
Individuals, as well as capturing nations
are responsible for acts that are committed against EPWs
in violation of the __ __.
Geneva Convention
Geneva Convention forbids a captor from placing an __ __ __.
EPW at greater risk than his captors.
This does not include weapons of any sort. The obligation to
safeguard prisoners includes preventing or stopping any/all
violent action that occurs __ EPWs while they are
being detained.
Use of immobilized vessels for temporary holding of
EPW is not authorized without __ __ __ approval.
Secretary of Defense (SECDEF)
The __ __ is a specific area where the prisoners are kept until
coordination is made to move the EPWs to a permanent holding facility.
Collection Point
The capture tag must indicate the following information: 10
• Name of the EPW.
• Rank.
• Service number.
• Date of birth.
• Date of capture.
• EPWs unit.
• Location of capture.
• Capturing unit.
• Special circumstances of capture.
• Description of weapons/documents.