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Identity Development
Discovering who you are, and all of the relevant factors that contribute to who you are the "what" of student development. Not progressive (can develop integrity while having low self esteem).
-The "content" of students' identity changes with societal changes
-Chickering: "How" identity develops is constant
-7 Vectors
What is a vector?
A complex quantity possessing both magnitude and direction
#1) Achieving Competence
-Intellectual (specifyin in ur major)
-Physical/Manual (fitness)
-Interpersonal (interaction with roommates and floormates)
#2) Managing Emotions
1) Your own emotions
2) Recognizing & reacting to others' emotions
#3) Autonomy toward Interdependence
-Dependence on who?
-Autonomy from who?
-Dependence==> Autonomy ==> Interdependence
-Taking care of urself
#4) Interpersonal Relationships
Relationships (help) identify who you are
Gender Differences…ADVANTAGE=Women
#5) Establishing Identity
Builds on each of the previous vectors:
1) Competence
2) Emotions
3) Interdependence
4) Relationships
The Swing Vector
A Catch all to the previous vectors
#6) Developing Purpose
Direction for one's life through assessment and clarification of interest, educational and career options, and lifestyle preferences" U of Texas
1) Vocational Commitment
• Work
• Career
• Education
2) Avocational interests (subordinate occupation or interest)
• Volunteering
• Second Job (that defines you?)
3) Lifestyle
• Leisure time
• Spending habits
• Friends & activities
4) Values (things held as important)
• Social issues (ie homelessness)
• Personal status
• Wealth
• Other values…..

A strong vector requires one to integrate the four components to complement one another
#7) Developing Integrity
Defining a set of values to guide ones actions.