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Ampetamine or Cocaine Intoxication
Maladaptive behaviors/psychological chnages-Anxiety-Hyperactivity-grandiosity-paranoid ideation- auditiory hallucinations-Tachycardia-Higher-Lower BP-Dilated pupils perspirationor chills weight loss nausea or vomiting, psychomotor agitation muscular weakeness.
Amphetamine or Cocaine Withdrawal
Dysphoric Mood, Fatigue,vivide and unpleasant dreams,insomnia or hypersomnia, increased appetitie and psychomotor agitation.
After an intense high-crash-tired/depressed.
Caffeine Intoxication
restlessness, nervousness,excitement,insomnia, flushed face,diuresis, muscle twitching, rambling thoughts or speeech, cardiac arrhythmias, psychomotor agitation.
Sedative Hypnotic or Anxiolytic Intoxication, Withdrawal and withdrawal delirium
Same symptoms as
Alcohol intoxication
Alcohol Withdrawal
Withdrawal and Delirium.
Disturbanace 6 mos or >. at least 1 Month or 2 or > Acute-Phase Symptoms
Disorganized Speech
Grossly disorganized or Catatonic Behavior
Negative Symptoms
Must include impairment in 1 or > major areas of functioning
Positive Symptolitions
Referential- passages from books are specifically directed to the person.
Auditory most frequent
pejorative or theratening voices
Disorganized Speech-Loosing of assocaitaions manifested as incoherence,answers or comments that are unresponsive questions.
Grossly Disoganized Behavior
Markedly Disheveled
Inappropriate Behavior
Unpredictaility agitated
May be catatonic decreased motor activity.
Negative Symptoms
Restricted in range and Intensity of emotions
Affective Flattening
Alogia-poverity of thought and speech
Avolition restricted initiationof goal-directed behavior.
Schizophrenia Subtypes - Paranoid
Intact cognition-affect
Preoccupation w/ delusions
Favorable prognosis
Strongest familial link.
Schizophrenia Subtypes - Disorganized Type
Disorganized speech, behavior flat or inappropriate affect.
delusions/hallucinations, if present, are fragmented and not organzied.
Schizophrenia Subtypes - Catatonic Type
Motoric immobility
Excessive motor activity
extreme negativisim or mutism
peculiarities in voluntary movement
echolalia or echopraxia
Schizophrenia Subtypes - Undifferentated Type
Symptoms do not meet the criteria for a more specific subtype
Schizophrenia Subtypes - Residual
Not currently exhibiting prominent delusions,hallucinations or other positive symptoms but has had them in the past and continues to display negative and/orattenuated (less severe) symptoms.