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Who was Thorndike?
Very influential in Learning research. Published Animal Intelligence when 24 and his work marked the beginning of animal experimentation.
Thorndike: Law of effect
responses accompanied by satisfaction will be repeated, while those followed by discomfort will not be repeated. This is a precursor to Skinner's reinforcement.
Thorndike Law of Exercise:
A response rfepeated often enough in presence of a particular stimulus will become more closely bonded to that stimulous
Thorndike Law of Readiness
The organism must be ready to act and can't be forced.
Transfer of Training
Found transfer was specific and not general. Eg latin doesn't help learn math. Thorndike
Watson is father of what field
behaviorism 1912
Watosn said differences in behavior are brought about by ( ) alone
Pavlov: Stimulus leads to response. Substitute stimulous is presented when to get the same response
just before
Pavlov: The association between food and salivation is already done therefore it is______
Pavlov: Food to salivation in letters is:
US ______UR
Pavlov: Conditioning model for bell__food___salivation in letters is
After conditioning, for bell__food___salivation becomes what is letters