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Piaget's central process of cog dev. Involves assimilation and accomodation
Piaget: change existing cog structures to understand new information and experiences
Zebra= a horse with stripes
Piaget: incorporate new info into existing schema.
calling a zebra a horse
aging and intelligence
fluid declines with age
crystallized remians fairly stable
processing speed declines
crystallized intelligence
vocabulary and information knowledge
DEPENDENT on cultural and educational experiences
fluid intelligence
on the spot reasoning, solve problems, see relationships
Tied to nervous system
Most susceptible to age and brain damage
aging and memory
recent long term (secondary) greatest decline
also working memory explicit memory, episodic memory
episodic memory
memory for autobiographical episodes...have personal meaning
explicit memory
involves conscious awaremeness of remembering
procedural memory
implicit memory. how to do things, accessing these memories in unconscious..comes naturally
semantic memory
memory for rules of logic and inference, knowledge about language
sensory memory
first stage..holds large amount for only 1-2 seconds
brain development
cortex is last to develop (in frontal lobe) brain development continues until early adol
focus on one detail while neglecting other important features
critical period
development depends on presence of particular environmental stimulation
sensitive period
optimal period of development (window)
Down syndrome
extra chomosome
Bronfenbrenner ecological model of development
environmental influences are microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem
inherited, affects metabolism, early dietary intervention
support provided by others which enables him to learn
separation anxiety
begins at 8 months- 18 months. gone by 24-36 mo
divergent thinking
ability to generate new ideas
convergent thinking
ability to group ideas and synthesize to one