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Emotions theory- Freud
tied to early exp.
not under conscious control
Emotions theory- James-Lange
afraid because we tremble
Emotions theory- Cannon-Bard
arousal and interpretation occur simultaneously
Emotions theory- Schacter & Simon cog-arousal
arousal leads to cog appraisal to determine which emotion
Emotions theory- Lazarus
thought- emotion/arousal
Suicide prevalence
9th leading cause of death
Suicide attempts
10% actually succeed
suicide & age
risk increases after 65
highest rate 85+
greatest increase in 15-24
young attempt, older succeed
suicide & gender
males commit 4x more than females
females attempt 3x more than males
suicide & race
white commit more than non-whites (but black rising 15-24)
Native American highest 15-24
Af-Am highest 15-44
suicide & marriage
lessens the risk
Risk is high 1st year w/o spouse
suicide & HIV
increases with past attempts and family history
suicide & mental disorders
95% of suicides have mental disorders
When depressive symptoms improve risk is higher
suicide factors
hopelessness, recent life stressors, loss of sig. person/job, lack of social support, physical illness (esp elderly)