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What year was the Coast Guard Established by law as an Armed Service?
What are the 5 roles of the COast Guard?
1. Marine Safty.
2. Marine Mobility.
3. Protect our Marine enviroment.
4. Provide a safe and efficiant transportation system.
5. Defend our nation.
How many missions fall within the 5 roles of the Coast Guard?
The Coast Guards ability to fulfill its 5 roles & 11 Missions enable us to?
1. Save lives and properties.
2. secure Maritime boarders.
3. Protect our marine enviroment.
4. Provide a safe and efficiant transportation system.
5. Defend our Nation.
How many undocumented migrants has the Coast Guard interdicted beteween 1980 & 2000?
What fishery law did Congress pass in 1976?
Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation & Management act.
What are the only 2 enlisted ratings that are open to the members of the Reserve?
Port security specialist, investigations.
How many duty day are authorized for SELRES members?
48 Paid inactive, 12 Paid active.
Reservist serve in the same enlisted and officer specalties as there active-duty counterparts?
All ready reserist are considered to be in the active status?
The__________is the manpower pool principally consisting of individuals who have had trainingand have previously served in the active services?
Individual Ready Reserve (IRR).
When is the National flag called an ensign?
When displayed on a vessel or facility.
When is the national flag called colors?
When carried by foot.
when is the national flag called a standard?
When displayed on a vehical or aircraft.
What was the last year the Coast Guard flag was used aboard ships?
Until 1962 the Coast Guard flag was known as?
The Coast Guard standard or Coast Guard colors.
When was the current design of the Coast Guard flag approved?
January 28 1964.
What are the Messurement of the Coast Guard flag?
52 inches X 66 inches.
What are the trimings of the Coast Guard flag and staff?
2 1/2 inch golden yellow fringe and battle ax on the staff.
When the Coast Guard flag is displayed without the battle streamers, how is the staff decorated?
Blue and yellow cord & tassels.
When a ship is moored are the union jack and national ensign flown together?
When a ship is underway are the union jack and national ensign flown together?
No, only the national ensign is flown.
During a court martial or court of inquuiry, where is the union jack flown?
At a singal yard arm.
What year was the official seal and embelm designed?
What year was the revenue cutter service established?
What dose the Coast Guard embelms represent?
The coast Guard vessels law enforcment authority.
What year was the Coast Guard ensign flown by the Revenue Marine in lieu of the national ensign?
What states that the Coast Guard ensign must be displayed during law enforcment actions?
33 CFR 23.05.
Which yardarm displays the Coast Guard ensign at a shore installation?
Starboard Yardarm.
What do the 16 red and white stripes represent on the coats guard engign?
The number of states in the union at the time it was adopted.
What was added tot the Coast GUard ensign in 1910 to distiguish it from the flag flown over Custom Houses?
The Revenue Cutter Service emblem.
In what year was the the revenue cutter service changed to the Coats Guard emblem on the Coast Guard ensign?
What year was the Coast Guard Motto removed from the Coast guard Ensgin?
What year was the coat of arms added to the Coast Guard ensign?
What year did the Coats Guard adopt the battle streamers to the staff of the Coast Guard Flag?
What units may display a complete set of battle streamers?
Major Headquarters Units.
What is the total # of battle streamers authorized by the Coast Guard?
When are there exceptions made to flying a commissioning pennant?
When flying a command pennant or admeral flag.
What are the Messurements of the commissioning pennant?
2 1/2 inches X 72 inches.
What year was the Coast Guard slash established?
What degree is the Coast Guard slash canted to?
What year was the Coast Guard motto added to the Coast Guard ensgin?
What cutter was Captian Francis Saltus Van Boskerck on in Savannah, GA in 1922 when he wrote the words to Semper Paratus (always Ready)?
Where was Captian Boskerck 5 years latter when he wrote the music to Semper Paratus?
Unalaska, Alaska.
What are the seven Branches of the US uniformed Services?
1. US public Health Services Commission Corp.
2. National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration.
3. US Navy.
4. US marine Corp.
5. US Army.
6. US air force.
7. US Coast Guard.
What are the three goal/objectives of the substance abuse program?
1. Reduce the incedents of substance and alcohol by Coast Uard members.
2. Detect and seperate those members who abuse , traffic,in or unlawfully posses drugs.
3. Facilitate the rehabilitation of active duty members for future useful services in the Coast Guard.
What requires a drug and alcohol assesment?
1. Member is ivolved in a drug and alcohol incident.
2. When Command directs member for assesment based on reasonable suspision.
3. When member self refers for drug or alcohol abuse.
Can Health services techniccian or CDAR representative preform a assesment screening?
What constitute a alcohol incident?
Alcohol must be consumed.
What constitute a alcohol incident?
When alcohol is present but not the causative factor.
Is a self referral cosidered an alcohol incident?
The basic approch (s) to eliminate drug and alcohol abuse in the Coast Guard is (are)?
1. Awareness.
2. Education.
3. Positive leadership.
Member invalved in a drug incident with less than_____ of service are seperated by reason af misconduct?
8 years.
PDR entries (Administrative Remarks[CG-3307]) for enlisted personnel/memos for officers are required reflecting?
1. All alcohol incedents.
2. Action taken.
3. A warning that any subsequent alcohol incident is grounds for seperation.
Memebers involved in there third alcohol incident are to be processed for seperation?
PDR entries do not fulfull the requiremnet for probational period when comtemplating discharge actions?
A Command can direct a member for assessment screening if there is reasonable suspicion?
Memebers that are diagnosed as drug alcohol dependent must be offered treatment prior to seperation?
Administrative inspection using urinalysis test are not permitted?
Your bodys response is a?
Chemical one.
You need to stabilize the responce your body produces to meet stressful challenges to reduce?
1. Wear and tear on your body.
2. Possibility of muscle and skeletal disorder.
3. Possibility of sexual disorder.
What are the 6 distinct signs of suicide?
1. A suicide threat or some other statment indicating a desire or intention to die.
2. A previous suicide attempt.
3. Mental depression.
4. Making change in behavior or personality.
5. Making arrangments as though for final departure.
6. Taking unnecessary risk.
Stressors can be categorized to include?
1. Work related.
2. Enviroment.
3. self-imposed.
What are the tree signs of depression?
1. Having loss of appetite, sleep disturbance, and physical ailments.
2. Feel lonely, worthless, guilty, & sad.
3. Loose intrest in friends and activitys.
What are the essential elements of MISHAP prevention?
Education, Training, Operational risk managment.
When did OSHA begin enforcing hazardous waist operations and emergency response regulations (HAZWOPER)?
What is the Coats Guards tag-out program desgined for?
1. Prevent injury.
2. Prevent damage to equipment.
3. Prevent improper operation when a component, system, or portion of a system is isolated of in an abnornal condition.
4. Provide procedures to be used when an instrument is unreliable or is not a normal operating condition.
Who is the only person authorized to remove a tag or lable?
The person attaching the tag or lable.
Before a authorizing officer signs a tag, what log(s) must be completed?
1. Tag-out index.
2. Tag-out record sheet.
Who is responcable for filling out the magority of the information on a tag or lable?
The person doing the work.
Dose the out of calibration lable need to be checked by someone in the same manner as a tag?
When attaching a label, what documentation must be compleated?
Instrment log.