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What are the three key watchwords in the Commandant's Direction?
Readiness, People, Stewardship
What is the Commandant's Trackline?
Principles, Priorities, Objectives
What are the Commandant's Guiding Principles?
(be ready today and prepared for tomorrow) Steady the Service, Honor Our Profession, Strengthen Our Partnerships, Respect Our Shipmates
The Commandant directs the policy and administration of the Coast Guard under whom?
Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security
The Commandant responsibilities are what?
Prescribes broad policies for the government of the service and generally directs, supervised and coordinates service endeavors and performance
What does the Office of Acquisition (G-A) do?
Delivers systems, products, and sevices insuring that the Coast Guard has best means to accomplish their missions.
The Chief, Office of Law Enforcement and Defense Operations (G-O) has responsibility for Coast Guard operations involving what?
Enforcement of laws and treaties, Defense operations, Intelligence, Investigations, Security
What year did the Navy create the Chief rank?
April 1, 1893 (can be traced back to 1865 during the Civil War era)
What year did the 55th U.S. Congress officially approve the Coast Guard's Chief Petty Officer grade?
May 18, 1920
The first Coast Guard Chief's were who?
Former station keepers of Life Savings Stations. They were given the title Chief Boatswains' Mate (CBM) with an (L) for "Lifesaving" attached to their rate to distinguish them from their seagoing counterparts
What year did Congress established two additional senior enlisted pay grades (E-8 and E-9)?
May 1958, with the enactement of public Law 85-422
What was conducted to cursory review of the language and contents of Public Law 85-422?
The Senior Enlisted Advisory Team (SEAT) under the guidence of the MCPO of the Coast Guard Vincent Patton
The Chief is what to the Command?
Eyes and ears, the Chief walks a fine line between leader, mentor, and technical expert
Jackets shall be zipped how?
two-thirds of the way
What is the regulations involving earrings?
1 per ear centered in earlobe plain gold or silver, plain diamond, or natural white pearl ball studs, 4-6 mm (1/8 to 1/4 inch diameter)
Can bracelets be worn with uniform?
Yes. Medical alert, or those required for military purposes, POW/MIA
What size is the tie tacks/bars?
3/16 inches wide and must not be visible when wearing the service dress blue coat
What color are shirt studs?
Plain gold or plain natural white pearl
What color are briefcases?
Black, navy blue, or dark brown. Should be carried in the left hand
Can headphones be worn in uniform?
Yes only as a passenger or using public transportation
What is the proper way to wear ODU shirt in fair weather?
Outside cuff exposed 3" wide stopping about 2" above elbow
Are white socks authorized?
Yes, all visible portoins of boot sock must be black
What is the regulation for men's haircut cut?
Cannot exceed 11/2" from scalp, no longer than 4" cannot touch ears or collar or extend below eyebrows
What is the regulation for womens haircut cut?
Cannot be 2" from scalp cannot fall below collar extend below eyebrows. A single ponytail is allowed
What is the limit for a beard?
commanding officers may grant permanent shaving waivers not to exceed 1/4"
Limitations for figernails?
Men: cannot extend past the fingertips, Women: not extend more than 1/4" beyond the fingertip
Part V of the Manual for Courts Martial states the mast represenative may do what?
Question witnesses, submit questions to ask witnesses, present evidence, make ststements geared to the commanding officer
Coast Guard policy states that communication between an accused person and his or her mast representative must be what?
Privileged in the same way communications are between an attorney and client
A Preliminary Inquiry Officer (PIO) is designated by whom?
The Preliminary Inquiry Officer (PIO) must advise the person named as the suspect on the CG-4910 of what?
His or her rights
The factors in the "Military" category measure what?
Member's ability to bring credit to the Coast Guard through personal demeanor and professional actions.
What is the definition for Professional/specialty knowledge?
The degree to which the member continued to demonstrated competency and proficiency for rating or special assignment.
what is the definition for professional development?
The degree to which the member continued to professionally develop, acquire new skills, or improve current skills and knowledge.
What form is used to complete a self-evaluation?
Using direct access ratings of 1, 2, and 7 are reguired comments to be entered using what?
Select "note" button to go to the comment section
Comments entered on the "Comments tab" are for who?
Information for your supervisor
What type of buget does the Coast Guard employ?
After completeing the data for developling a departmental budget be sure to include what?
The impact of denial statement. Explain in detail to justify your funding needs.
What is the ORM Process?
Define mission tasks, Identify hazards, Assess risk, Identify options, Evaluate risk VS. gain, Execute decision, monitor situation
What does STAAR mean?
Spread out, Transfer, Avoid, Accept, Reduce
How many leadership competencies does the Coast Guard have?
Leadership competencies are crucial to achieving sucess in the Coast Guards challenging environment and consist of?
Leading self, leading others, leading performance and change, leading the Coast Guard
What is the 4 primary purposes that the Commandan's Quality Award (CQA) Program and the Commandant's Performance Challenge (CPC) Collaborative Assessment Program?
Educate, Encourage, Publicize, Recognize
The Commandant's Quality Award program uses what criteria?
Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA)
Management aspects addressed by the award criteria include?
Speed and flexibility, cost effectiveness
What are the core values and concepts for the Commandant's Performance Challenge (CPC) and the Commandant's Quality Award (CQA)?
Leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, information and analysis, human resource focus, process management, business results
What manual can you find the Enlisted Professional Military Education (E-PME) performance and knowledge requirements?
Analysis was required to document the requirement by at least ___ of the enlisted workforce at the pay grade at which it was written.
Choose the three watchwords in the Commandant’s direction.
Readiness, stewardship, people
How many major Headquarters directorates are below the Commandant?
The Commandant, a four-star admiral, plans, supervises, and coordinates the overall
activities of the Coast Guard.
The administrative and operational command and control center for the Coast Guard is
The Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard reports directly to the Commandant on
all matters pertaining to the well-being of Coast Guard personnel.
The 55th U.S. Congress on ________ established the Coast Guard’s Chief Petty Officer grade.
May 18, 1920
The E-8 and E-9 pay grades were established by Congress with the enactment of Public
Law 85-422 in ________.
May, 1958
The first Coast Guardsman to advance to E-9 was ________.
Master Chief Yeoman Jack Kerwin
The CPO should:
Support Command policy and point out flaws that are detrimental to morale or
Logos on sunglass lens can be no larger than a U.S. dime.
Match the responsibilities to the mast representative or the PIO.
1.Presents member's side of the matter.
2. Provides on CG-4910 a summarized opinion of what
actually occurred.
3. Ensures Details of Offenses on CG-4910 supported by
4. Makes statements geared to the commanding officer.
5. Recommends a disposition.
6. Conducts inquiry into each element of the offense.
7. Makes a plea for leniency.
Promote collaboration to manage contention.
Conflict Management
Be an active and supportive listener.
Ensure internal and external customers’ needs are
Customer Focus
Recognize and manage stress.
Health and well-being
Understand and support the Coast Guard's
commitment to respect.
Respect for others and
diversity management
Recognize and use the chain of command
Accountability and
Select TWO key words that represent the CQA and CPC purposes.
Educate, Publicize
Select FOUR core values and concepts upon which the CQA and CPQ are built.
Leadership, customer focus, process management, Business results
Rescue Swimmer Manual, 3710.4B
Boat Operations and Training Manuals, 16114.32 and 16114.33
Cutter Training and Qualifications Manual, 3502.4F
Marine Safety Manual, Volume I
Air Operations Manual, 3710.1E
The Enlisted Professional Military Education (E-PME) Performance
requirements are found in the COMDTINST M1510.2(series).
The Enlisted PME Manual is located only on the Coast Guard Intranet site.
The Enlisted PME requirements are strictly performance-based.
All E-PME requirements must be "signed-off" to be eligible to advance to
the next higher paygrade.
The Rating Enlisted Performance Qualifications can be found in ________.
COMDTINST 1414.8 (series), Chapter 4
Analysis is required to document the performance of the EPQ (task) by ________ of the
rating at the level (paygrade) at which it is written.
30% or higher
Omitted core tasks in the current edition of the EPQs could include ________.
a. Technology advances
b. New equipment
c. New policies
Your analysis of the EPQs should be sent to your ________.
Rating Force Master Chief
The tool you can use to best develop an action plan is ________.
A contingency diagram
Risks associated with a project are determined ________.
In the first team meeting
What year did Coast Guard begin
August 4th 1790